3 Ways to Give Your App a Personality

3 Ways to Give Your App a Personality

How to make your app more user-friendly by finding its voice


There’s a reason we use the term “user-friendly” in regards to our technology. We could use something more removed, less personal, like “user-accessible”, but we say “user-friendly” instead. That’s because the goal is for users to have personal investment in the programs and applications they use daily. 

Humans want to form connections with things. We can project personality onto anything from a video game console to a robotic vacuum cleaner. And, the more we see a personality in something, the more attached we become to it. That means an important goal for creating user-friendly programs and apps in this day and age must be creating a personality. A big part of this is the VUI or Voice User Interface. Here are three things you can start doing right now to begin crafting your app’s personality. 

Brainstorm a Name

Think of the home and phone assistants that everyone knows and loves. They have names. Not necessarily ordinary human names, but something you can call them. These names tend to serve as a trigger for voice recognition. They are also great for bringing the devices and programs into everyday conversation. Once people talk about a device like it is another person, it starts to become a person in their minds. Think about how you want your app referred to in conversation. Where do you want it to live in the minds of your users? Once you know that, you can start brainstorming the perfect name. 

Consider Your Tone

How do you want the interactions between your app and your user to go? Straightforward and professional? Positive and upbeat? Snarky and fun? As you craft the words for your app’s interactions, you will want to keep these traits in mind. A level of character and consistency will work wonders when it comes to connecting customers to your app. If you don’t feel confident in how your interactions are playing out, consider hiring someone with experience in writing dialogue to help you come up with some of the phrases that will make up the backbone of your VUI. 

Find Your Voice

It is vital for you to determine what the actual voice your users will interact with. Regardless of all the incredible work that you and your team will put into creating and building the app, the voice will be the first line of defense that your users experience. It will be the thing they most associate with your app. You will need a voice that sounds human and conversational while remaining clear. You want the speech patterns to be distinct and unique without falling into the uncanny valley. The best way to do this is to hire a freelance voiceover professional. A freelance voiceover professional has the experience, clarity, and ability to make the VUI for your app sound absolutely incredible. 

Finding the right voice for your app doesn’t have to take huge chunks out of your development time, though. It can be as simple as ordering lunch at your desk or shopping online. Post your app VUI project on VOICEOVERS.com today to hear from professional voices like Dave Young and Michael Schwengel.