3 Ways to Tell a VO Novice from a VO Artist

3 Ways to Tell a VO Novice from a VO Artist

How to Hire a voiceover Talent who is a true VO Artist


We are constantly bombarded with many forms of art in our everyday lives – especially through advertising. Photography isn’t terribly exciting when you see photos on every billboard and application pop-up ad. The music we hear, featured on TV commercials, usually just fades into the background. It is only when we hear or see something truly incredible – a work of pure artistry – that we perk up and take notice.

Voiceover is a form of art. A VO artist trains for years in order to be able to get to the heart of the voiceover scripts and characters they are presented with. However, voiceover of varying quality is all around us all the time. From the announcer on the train to the annoying interruption in your music streaming service, you hear mediocre voiceover all the time, and probably don’t pay it much attention. So, when you’re going to cast your voiceover project, how can you make sure it’s not ignored? Here are some markers to pay attention to in order to make sure the voiceover Talent you’re hiring is a VO artist.

  1. Professionalism

A VO artist has put in time and effort into creating a professional presence for their voice. Check into their social media, website, and other online presences. Have they branded themselves well? Does their branding match up with their level of talent and their voice? These are all signs of a professional VO artist.

  1. Training and Experience

Like any art, voiceover takes time and practice. While you’re investigating the VO artist you’re thinking of hiring online, be sure to look for what training and experience they have. Have they put in the work to understand the medium of voiceover? Have they done at least a few spots or narrations for businesses or organizations before? An experienced VO artist will make your project shine!

  1. Sound and Read

Obviously, the most important thing to pay attention to when hiring a VO artist is whether or not they sound right for your project. However, you also want to make sure that they can read your script in a way that feels natural and artistic. Listen to their demos (which will be featured on their VOICEOVERS.com profiles, and also on their websites) to hear their feel for the language of different kinds of scripts. Does it flow? Does it feel stilted? A VO artist should match the appropriate read to the appropriate script.

The voiceover market is vast, and it can be hard to know where to start your search for a VO artist. Luckily, VOICEOVERS.com exists to make it easier for you. Listen to nearly a thousand professionally vetted VO artists on VOICEOVERS.com!