5 Explainer Video Voice Over Styles

5 Explainer Video Voice Over Styles

Undoubtedly, the voice over is a critical aspect of the production process of any explainer video. You can say that excellent explainer videos are not only known for the best visuals but also for engaging voice-overs that can grab the attention of the viewers instantly. Though the voice is the most overlooked factor, you cannot deny the fact that this can make or break the overall essence of your explainer video.

5 Explainer Video Voice Over StylesFor this reason, you need to ensure that the voice you’re choosing for your project is engaging and attractive enough. This is because the video sounds have the potential to encourage the audience to view your video to the end and refer it to others.

To choose the right voice over for your video, firstly, you need to learn about different sound qualities and how successful brands are using them in their campaigns.

In this post, we have put together five explainer video voice over styles you can take into consideration. Take a look at them and select the right one depending on the needs of your project.


Know About Different Explainer Video Voice Over Qualities

The quality and style of your video’s sound identify the kind of impression you leave on the audience. For instance, using an emotional voice in an environmental-related video helps you emphasize the severity of the topic. The voice-over of your explainer video can have a lasting impact on your target audience.

A research conducted by Forrester Research stated that viewing 1 minute of an explainer video is equivalent to reading 1.8 million written words. That means videos improve learning results.

Continue reading the post to determine which video voice over qualities can appeal the most to your audiences.


Top 5 Vocal Styles for Explainer Videos

  1. Friendly Voice Over

A friendly tone represents your audience how caring and approachable your business is towards them. A helpful and kind tone is exceptionally informal and expressive, giving a personal touch to your explainer video. Today, more and more marketers are adopting this voice-over type, as it can help them stay in touch with their target audience on a more personal level.

  1. Believable Tone

A believable tone is something that can narrate every word in a meaningful way, making your message look authentic and credible to the audience. Your business depends on your video narration, and a plausible sound can make the vision of your brand appear credible and well-thought-out, even if your idea is little off. A believable voice-over can supplement your new services and products, resulting in more sales.

One more thing you need to ensure is that the believable voice you use should be relatable. For instance, avoid using the Australian accent for your South Asian viewers as they can take it as strange and foreign. People are more likely to believe in a sound they can relate to on a personal level. That’s why it is essential to keep your target audience in mind while choosing a voice-over artist for your explainer video.

  1. Authentic Sounds

If you’re looking for your project’s voice that can sound real, then an authentic voice over can be the right option. An authentic sound aligns with your business voice by expressing the values and identity of your brand clearly. This kind of voice has a truthful, sincere, and genuine delivery that can help you get your brand message across. It also allows viewers to understand the overall vision of your business.

  1. Conversational Voice Over

A conversational sound requires a manner of vocal delivery and interpretation that represents how a human being speaks. A conversational tone is more engaging, as it does not involve a formal and announcer style voice. Instead, this voice style can help you convey your business message more familiarly. You can boost your audience engagement by using a conversational voice over style.

  1. Articulate Voice Over

An articulate sound is more precise and compelling, allowing you to deliver your overall brand message among the audience in a straightforward way. Also, make sure the sound is pronouncing each word carefully and strive to convey your business message directly.


Hire An Excellent Voice Actor for Your Explainer Video

When it comes to crafting an explainer video that can engage and convert your audience, you have multiple voice-over qualities to select from. If you’re searching for a suitable, relevant sound for your project, consider browsing VOICEOVERS.com. Here, you can find a plethora of voice over styles to go through and pick the one you find ideal and relatable for your project and audiences.

You can listen to the auditions of voice over artists by accent, language, style, and more. If you’ve any confusion related to the hiring process on this online portal, consider talking to our team here. Our professional team can help you with all your doubts.

We recommend these top 3 Voice Actors for your next Explainer Video Project:

Jon Mohr – Known for mastering the art of storytelling, his voice has been used by major brands.

Sarah Widmann – A voice that is so real, you forget it is voiceover, she is not your average voice actor, and that’s the point!

Toby Ricketts – The international voice, from British to Neutral English, he can customize an accent to your market.