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Powered by the highly successful Voice Casting Hub, VOICEOVERS.com (the name literally says it all) is a powerful hybrid voiceover platform built from the expressed needs and specifications of voiceover entrepreneur and Buyer alike for the efficacy and efficiency both expect in the “On-demand Century”.


VOICEOVERS.com is intelligent technology for Buyer or Talent. The unique philosophical difference at VOICEOVERS.com is rooted in empowering voiceover Talent to build fruitful careers. A site that supercharges careers is THE resource buyers are seeking – the entire process and in-turn, business, is elevated.

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We are your one-stop, professionally curated, easy to use and highly efficient tool that simplifies and automates the process of finding the right voice from the smallest job to the casting needs of a Hollywood Producer. The professional Talent members of the VOICEOVERS.com community are hand vetted through a submission process. The platform is easy, fast and comprehensive.


Continuing the theme of empowerment, simplification and ease/efficiency of use, VOICEOVERS.com also features the industry’s first comprehensive rate calculator, D-CypherVO. Others exist but fall short of being a useful and consistent tool. Finally, you do not have to think or understand rates, it is all done for you.


The RIGHT choices help to pinpoint the RIGHT voices to bring any piece of copy to life. From casting, to project and payment management, this is the digital-era simplification we all expect in today’s world.

Your Voice, Your Way

Simple pricing, professional voice talent and great technology make getting that perfect voiceover easy.