Are Celebrity Voices Worth the Investment?

Are Celebrity Voices Worth the Investment?

The pros and cons of hiring a celebrity for your voice over project

It wasn’t long ago when celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead lending their voice or image to a commercial advertising campaign.  It was considered beneath the status of the silver screen. However, along with today’s diversification of programming has come the ever-present celebrity voiceover!  Celebrity voices now dot the landscape of commercial broadcast more so than ever before. It would appear the exposure, and more importantly, the paycheck is an added boon for celebrities small and large.  Given the bargaining power of celebrities, they can command far more than the everyday voiceover performer. And given the flexible lifestyle afforded by voiceover work (relatively short sessions and six or even seven-figure contracts), a celebrity voiceover career is nice work if you can get it.

voiceoversIt’s all part of the changing landscape of the voiceover industry, which continues to expand, albeit in unforeseen directions.

Celebrity voices are often well-suited for TV and radio advertising, as, besides being recognizable, most celebrities bring their considerable acting chops to the table.

One might question the value of certain celebrity voices if they aren’t immediately recognizable.  Why pay a premium for a voice that few recognize as famous? Some argue we the listeners identify on a subconscious level with celebrity voices, even if consciously we don’t recognize them.

Some advertisers might want to hire a celebrity they just want to meet and aren’t so concerned as they should be with the effectiveness of the celebrity’s voice brand.

In the end, a well-trained voiceover actor who possesses the qualities consistent with the brand image of an advertiser will always be a good investment, celebrity or not.