Are You Juggling Character Voices for Your Story?

Are You Juggling Character Voices for Your Story?

How to make sure your cast of characters fits together perfectly


If you create podcasts, audio dramas, or video games, chances are you’ve done a lot of thinking about your characters, their personalities, and how they interact. When you go to cast character voices though, you’ll encounter more complications and questions that need to be answered.

If you’re working with a script that has more than one role or character, you need to think about not only whether the individual talent are the best voices for the characters, but also if they sound good together. If two characters sound too similar, your audience will get confused and not be able to follow what’s going on.

Since most of your voiceover casting takes place online, you most likely won’t get all the actors together in the same room. So, before you cast, compare and contrast your favorite Talent in different roles. Play the tracks against each other. Could you imagine these character voices talking to each other? Do they sound like they could have chemistry, even if the Talent live miles apart?

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