Are You Looking for a Deep Voice?

Are You Looking for a Deep Voice?

How to know if your project needs a voice in the lower register

They come in gravelly and smooth, young and old, soft and loud, and a myriad of genders and ethnicities. It’s hard to resist a deep voice coming through your headphones or speakers. Are you looking for a deep voice on your next project? Here are three types of projects that can benefit from a deep voice:


  1. Relaxation Videos
    ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) relaxation videos are all the rage on YouTube these days – even making their way into Michelob Ultra’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial. Whether masculine or feminine, raspy or smooth, a soft-spoken deep voice is great for calming your listeners, and maybe even giving them pleasant, relaxing tingles.
  2. Authoritative Characters
    Whether or not the stereotype is accurate, a deep voice has long been associated with authority. Need to cast a powerful CEO for your ad? Give her a deep voice. Does your video include a god-like, all-knowing character? Hire a Talent with a deep voice.
  3. Trailers
    A deep voice can capture the seriousness of a drama, the intensity of an action flick, and can even be subverted to a humorous effect for a comedy. Choosing a deep voice for your trailer, whether it be a high-budget blockbuster or an indie animation, will give it believability and authority in the ears of your audience. 

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