Categories of Professional Voiceover Services For Hire

Categories of Professional Voiceover Services For Hire

Ever wonder if a professional voice talent could help bring your project to life? Voiceover talent provide a wide range of services for many different industries and products. The broad categories of voiceover services include:


Commercial Voiceover – This includes radio ads, television commercials, and online videos and explainers. These often center around a spokesperson or character advertising a product or service to consumers or businesses.

Narration Voiceover – Technical videos, documentaries, online tutorials and training – and everything in between. In these projects, the voiceover talent is telling the story to the audience, often with the aid of animation or filmed footage.

IVR / Voice Prompts / Telephony – This refers to any voice-based system, such as digital assistants like Siri, Alexa or GPS systems. It also includes phone tree systems or PA systems in airports and public facilities or events.

Animation and Gaming – Professional voice talent brings characters and stories to life through acting skill. These can range from short online video animation to full-length films and blockbusters.

Promos, Affiliates, and Trailers – These short commercials advertise upcoming television shows, movies, and special broadcast events.

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