Does Your App Have a Good VUI/VUX?

Does Your App Have a Good VUI/VUX?

How the Voice of an Application Influences User Experience


While developers are the ones putting in the hard work behind the scenes, the voice of an application is what users will interact with on a day-to-day basis. That is why you, as a developer, need to start thinking about how you will craft your voice user interface – or VUI. 

Humans want to form connections with things. We can project personality onto anything from a video game console to a robotic vacuum cleaner. And, the more we see a personality in something, the more attached we become to it. That means an important goal for creating user-friendly programs and apps in this day and age must be creating a personality. 

It is vital for you to determine the actual voice your users will interact with. You will need a voice that sounds human and conversational while remaining clear. You want the speech patterns to be distinct and unique without falling into the uncanny valley.

The best way to find this kind of voice is to get your script into the hands of some freelance voiceover professionals. If you use, all you need to do is post your script along with some basic information about your project to start hearing sample recordings from high-quality, talented voices. 

Listen to the auditions you receive from freelance voiceover professionals. Can you imagine your app with their voice? Do you feel their reads communicate the feeling you want your users to associate with your app? Once you have found and hired the right voiceover Talent, you will have a professional, knowledgeable collaborator to help you build a VUI your users will enjoy returning back to each time they use your app. 

Is now the time you start creating an incredible, interactive VUI? Post your project on today, and listen to high-quality auditions from Talent like Bruce Duncan.