Everything You Need to Know About Using Voiceovers in Your Business

Everything You Need to Know About Using Voiceovers in Your Business

Everything You Need to Know About Using Voiceovers in Your Business

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Do you want to start using voiceovers in your business, but you’re not quite sure where to start?

If you’re a small business owner or solopreneur, the voiceover process can seem a bit confusing, intimidating, or out of your budget. But it’s actually none of the above!

When you know what to expect and get all your ducks in a row, hiring the top talent for your business’s voiceover projects will seem as easy as ordering takeout — and you’ll be a repeat customer for life.

This quick rundown covers everything you need to know as a first-time voiceover customer, including the best tips to keep in mind along the way.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Voiceovers in Your Business

Voiceovers make a smart, effective, and impactful choice no matter your business’s needs.

As we highlighted in our guide on all the ways your business can benefit from using voiceovers, your brand can:

  • Reinforce its sonic branding and brand identity
  • Connect, engage, and influence your target audience to act
  • Help your advertising and sales teams earn a better ROI
  • Level up your app’s VUI/VUX
  • Create killer explainer videos
  • Improve customer support
  • Take your marketing campaigns to the next level
  • And so much more!

With a solid understanding of how the voiceover process works, you’ll have a roadmap to follow whenever your business has a new project or goal to reach.

So use these tips to make sure you’re on the right track:

Brainstorm Your Voiceover Project First

Before you get to hire the best talent, you must outline a comprehensive project scope.

Sure, this may take extra time on the front-end, but this intel will be invaluable when it comes time to price and cast your voiceover project later.

There are endless possibilities for your business to take advantage of voiceovers in:

  • TV and OTT commercials
  • Radio and podcast ads
  • Internet/web (non-paid and paid placement)
  • Explainer videos for your products/services
  • Video marketing on social media or via email
  • Corporate videos to explain your mission
  • Audiobook and eLearning courses
  • Your mobile app
  • Telephony tree prompts
  • … and so much more!

So your first step is deciding which one you’ll tackle first.

Then, coordinate with your team to outline the specific details, such as the number of words in your script, your video’s length, the tone you’re aiming for, whether you want to cast local talent, etc. The more answers you have, the easier it will be to match your needs with the right voice actor.

If you’re shooting an explainer video or creating an animation to go alongside your voiceover, you’ll want to have this in the works so you’re not waiting for different parts of the puzzle before you can launch your project.

And one of the most important aspects of your project is your ideal voice.

Think About Your Brand’s Perfect Voice

The right voice can have a major impact on your brand.

So do you need a soothing voice to connect with audiences or something fun and playful for a cartoon voiceover? Should your business consider using Spanish voiceovers or use a British accent for an international edge?

The best voiceover for your brand should connect with your target audience. It should compel them to pay attention and listen like they would a trusted friend.

Besides language and accent, try to imagine your brand’s ideal Voice Actor by:

  • Gender: male, female, gender-neutral, or other
  • Age: child, teen, young adult, neutral, middle-aged, or senior
  • Specialty: business, commercials, social media, internet videos, etc.

At VOICEOVERS.com, we have English voices in a range of accent choices and talented professionals who speak different languages:

If you need some help here, check out our guide to the most popular accents, or learn how to pick the perfect foreign accent for your brand.

Do not pass go unless you have a better idea of who you’re really searching for here.

Get a Voiceover Quote to Budget Your Project

Estimating a budget for your voiceover project is one of the biggest hurdles business owners fret about.

But what if you didn’t have to think about or understand rates? What if it was all done for you and your team?

That’s exactly what you’ll find with D-CypherVO, the industry’s first comprehensive Voice Rates Calculator.

All you have to do is tell us about your project, and our revolutionary, question-based wizard will guide you through the rest. This results in greater consistency, clearer expectations, higher transparency, and intelligent efficiency.

You and your team will have the best estimate of how much your voiceover project will cost, so you can budget and plan ahead of time.

Here’s a brief rundown of how D-CypherVO works:

First, select the type of buyer that best describes you or your business. We’ll go with Small Business Owner for this example:

Then, choose the type of project you’d like a voiceover for. This drop-down menu includes the most commonly pitched projects relevant to each type of buyer. In this case, you’ll see:

Depending on the nature of your project, D-CypherVO may populate an estimated project rate immediately, such as if a small biz owner needs a simple explainer video:

However, D-CypherVO may require a bit more information to price projects with different types of variables. This may include:

  • How many minutes of voiceover you’ll need.
  • How many words are in your script.
  • Your ideal number of tags. A Tag is a portion of audio up to :05 in length tacked onto the end of a spot, often including date and/or location change info.
  • The number of versions. A Version is also referred to as a lift, cut-down, or edit. Audio already recorded for the project is edited to make a new spot.
  • Coverage area. Options here include Local (up to 1 state), Regional (2-5 states), National (US), Canada only, US and Canada, or Worldwide.
  • Term length of ad, or how long you plan to run, show, or air your spot, video, or project. This can range from 2 weeks to in perpetuity.
  • Union vs. non-union project and whether your Voice Actor may need to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Here’s what a SMB owner could expect to pay for a 5-minute corporate video (approximately 800 words):

But that same SMB owner will need to answer a few more questions (and pay a bit more) to have voiceover for an internet/web paid placement (with other qualifiers selected):

No matter your business needs, you’ll see an estimated rate after making all your selections.

This is why you’ll want to have a complete outline of your project scope in step 1. Once you know the length of your runtime or how many words are in your script, for example, these questions become easier and faster to answer, which results in a much more accurate rate estimate.

You can reset this form and start all over to price out different options — and do so as many times as you like. Once you’re confident, you can post your project and wait for the top talent to roll in.

Post Your Project (for FREE!)

Continuing the theme of empowerment, simplification, and ease/efficiency of use, there’s no cost to your business to post your voiceover project on our site.

Sign up for a free VOICEOVERS.com account, and you can post any project using our 4 step guided process. Simply answer the questions automated by our wizard, and you’ll be on your way to connecting with the best voices from around the world.

Remember, try to be as specific as you can here. The RIGHT choices help pinpoint the RIGHT voices to bring your copy to life.

Step 1 calls for information about the project itself.

These questions are similar to the ones you may have answered during the rate quote, but they’re used to build out the most accurate description of your ad for auditions:

Step 2 asks for information about the type of Voice Actor you’re specifically hoping to cast.

Here’s where you’ll choose a language or accent, gender, age range, voice description (bubbly, caring, frustrated, etc.), studio capabilities, and more:

We recommend adding about 15-20 seconds or 50 words as a sample script size here so you can hear auditions of your brand’s exact copy come to life.

Listen to Auditions and Cast the Best Voice for Your Audience

You can expect auditions for your project to roll in around 24 hours after you post your project on our site. If you have a rush turnaround time, our professional talent will do their very best to accommodate your needs.

You’ll receive a professionally recorded audition of your material from Voice Actors based on your selections and preferences.

Unlike other sites that allow anybody to sign up and call themselves a professional, all the voice actors on VOICEOVERS.com must apply to be included on our platform. They’re hand-vetted during our submission process to guarantee only the best results for your projects.

Check out our Voice Actor Search page to browse our curated talent. You’ll find each Actor’s language, accent, specialties, and a bio about their work. Bonus: You can also hear a sample of their voice in action:

When you hear the voice that resonates with your brand, you can book that Voice Actor instantly. Your files and payment are safely handled through our site — easy, peasy!

You can pay by credit card or via electronic check. (Pro Tip: If you pay by electronic check, you’ll bypass the 5% credit card processing fee added to your quoted rate during checkout 👍 ).

Once you connect with a Voice Actor, you can message them and communicate right from our platform.

Then, voila! You’ll have the voiceover of your dreams without any of the stress.

Ready to Take Advantage of Voiceovers for Your Business?

From casting to project and payment management, VOICEOVERS.com is the one-stop, highly efficient platform that simplifies and automates the process of finding the right voice.

Now that you know how easy the process is, there’s no stopping your business from creating the professional voiceovers your customers and target audience expect.

If you’re ready to get started, take a peek at our lineup of award-winning Voice Actors to help inspire your next project!