How Audiobook Narration is Different from Other Types of Narration

How Audiobook Narration is Different from Other Types of Narration

Making Sure You Find the Right Voice for Your Audiobook


When you think of narration voices, you may think of a campy sound like that “Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel” guy from the old Batman TV show. However, narration is a diverse field that is essential to many different mediums.  Audiobook and documentary narration voiceover are two similar, yet different styles of voiceover. Both can be considered “narration voices,” yet documentaries offer video imagery to complement the spoken-word narration.

Audiobook narration, on the other hand, can require a narration voice to embody full characterizations to facilitate the storytelling, often transitioning from characters to narrator and back again. The ability to bring an audiobook alive requires acting chops as well as a practiced narration style.

A skilled audiobook narrator will know what kind of read best fits with a certain genre or story. A more conversational read might work for a dialogue-heavy autobiography, or piece of fiction, a compelling narrator will work wonders for your historical piece, poetic reading, or self-help work. A good narration voice will touch on the emotional core of your writing, and keep your listeners engaged and entertained.

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