How Important Sonic-Branding For My On-Hold Messaging?

How Important Sonic-Branding For My On-Hold Messaging?

Invest in a professional freelance voice Actor to be the voice of your customer service


Customer service starts with the first interaction that someone has with your brand and many times, that’s a customer support call. If what they hear on the other end of the line doesn’t match your brand identity, you are missing a prime marketing opportunity.

Just like you carefully choose the members of your customer support staff to represent the qualities of your business, you want to be sure that the recorded on-hold message and IVR embody all of those same qualities. It’s similar to how we come to recognize company logos or jingles and they immediately trigger an emotional response. 

Choosing the right narrator for your phone messaging can help you establish, in a matter of seconds, a welcoming and helpful environment for the caller simply by having a human voice replicate your ideal tone, delivery, and cadence. A professional voiceover Actor can immediately establish a meaningful and human connection between your brand and your audience. This is a great way to leverage sonic-branding to increase sales for your company! 

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