How to Cast a Character Voice for Your Commercial

How to Cast a Character Voice for Your Commercial

What it means to have a character in your advertisement


Character voiceovers are essentially conversational voiceovers, in that they should sound natural and organic to who the character is. However, in writing copy for a character voice, you need to develop the character you want the actor to portray. Are they a fantasy knight about to engage in an epic battle? A suburban mom driving her kids to school? A frazzled public transportation rider?


The person in the ad cannot just be anyone, they must be someone specific. Especially if you are featuring more than one character in an ad, the characters need to have easily distinguishable voices.  Maybe your commercial features a mom talking to her child. Both the mother and the child will be distinct characters. If your ad is the first-person story of a satisfied customer, you will need to hire a voice Talent who can convincingly portray the character of the customer.

Character voiceovers add a lot of fun and vitality to your project when done well. Find a great cast of characters for your next commercial on