How to Connect to Your Audience with Irony

How to Connect to Your Audience with Irony

Finding the Right Voice to Convey Your Sense of Humor


People tend to laugh at contrast. If someone is talking about getting hit by a giant spray of water when a truck drives through a puddle, you expect them to be a bit riled up about it. If they’re treating it like it’s just a part of their everyday life, that’s funny. In the same way, humourous overreactions to minor inconveniences: like the cafe being out of your favorite flavor syrup can get you some pretty good laughs if played by the right funny voices.

When someone doing voiceover tries too hard to be funny, and isn’t good at it, it shows. No matter how funny a script is, it can always be ruined by the wrong voice. How can you find the right voice, though?

You’ll want to pay attention to the pacing of the voiceover Talent you’re listening to. Does it surprise you? Does it make you laugh? If not, it probably won’t be funny to your audience either. If you’re still not sure, consider running your funny voice past someone who fits into the demographic of your audience, an unbiased listener. If they think the voiceover is funny, you’re headed in the right direction!

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