How to Create Engaging Explainer Videos

How to Create Engaging Explainer Videos

Explainer Video VoiceoversIt’s no secret that video marketing has become the latest fad and is used by many businesses across the world to outshine in competitive markets. Over the years, explainer videos have gained popularity because of their ability and effectiveness in growing a business. This makes them an efficient and result-oriented marketing tool. 

Now here the question is – what are Explainer videos and how can you create them to enhance the credibility of your business?

What are the Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are basically short online marketing videos used to explain the product or service of a company. These are often placed either on the prominent product page, the home page, or on the landing page of the website. These types of videos have become quite popular as, according to a stat, some sites even boast 144% of conversion rates due to explainer videos. Undoubtedly, these videos work well for companies that provide services or products that are hard to describe.

Types of Explainer Videos

  • Animated Explainer Video

A great animated explainer video introduces a new product, start a conversation, reinforces your brand identity, and educates users about it. This type of video allows more creativity, and it is easy to update or edit when you want to make adjustments in the future. It transforms viewers into buyers with a strong call-to-action. The best-branded animations don’t just amaze viewers with vibrant animation but also tell a story that hits the mind of the viewers. Have a listen to this eLearning, Casual and Authoritative Millennial Demo from Tyler Boss.

  • Live-Action Explainer Videos

While animated videos are amazing, live-action explainer videos are ideal for businesses to build a relationship with their customers by presenting real-time human characters. This type of promotional video explains the product or service of a specific business. Live-action explainer videos are best for companies that sell either people-oriented services such as a restaurant or a physical product. In simple words, these are videos recorded using a camera. Have a listen to this Dynamic and Informative Explainer Video Demo from Laura Schreiber.

  • Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Several businesses have difficulty explaining what they actually do and what are their services or products used for. This is where explainer video steps in. It harnesses both auditory, visual senses together, and increase retention rates. The explainer videos give consumers a reason to care about your business. Have a listen to this Relatable Conversational Expert Business Explainer Demo from Dani States.

Traits of Great Explainer Videos

A great explainer video is both an art and a science. The qualities that make an explainer video, a great explainer video are:

  • Easy to understand and remember
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Brand appropriate
  • Uplifting and Personal
  • Answer why your business exists
  • Tailored your target audience

A great explainer video tells a good and engaging story. It explains the journey of business and develops a relationship with your audience. Therefore, it is important to get a professional “voice over” (voice actor) that is the real person narrating the script over the video. 

Only a professional voice talent can make you feel compassion, and happiness over an animated video. Moreover, it sets the mood of the video and adds a human touch to your story. Professional voice actors know how to add the pauses, highs-and-lows keeping the flow of the story that leads emotions in the right way. 

How to Create Engaging Explainer Videos

According to a report by Wyzowl’s State of Video marketing reports, 2019, over 80% of marketers say that video helps help them in many ways. It helps in generating leads, increase the time users spend on their website, and most importantly help users to understand the product in a better way. 

You just need to consider a few points, and your video is ready. These are: 

  1. Explainer Video VoicesThe goal of the video

Why do you want to create an explainer video? Would it be beneficial for your targeted audience? Understand the goal of your video is crucial as it will impact the style and channel you choose for your marketing campaign. 

  1. Choose the right Video Style

Choose from the three video styles mentioned above. Make sure the one you choose suits your business. Keep the video style in mind and write a script accordingly. Focus on one or two major messages and write and crisp script with a strong call to action. 

  1. Write the Script

The script is one of the most crucial parts of an explainer video. Line up your script with some catchy images as it will help you to storyboard your video. Animated explainer videos are just 1-2 minutes long. Read the script aloud to get a fair idea about the length of the video. 

  1. Record and Edit Narration

Now record your video or narration and create your animation. The voice is an important factor to consider as it reflects the right attitude of your product, service or company. Use the quality of recording software and microphone to record the voice. 

  1. Collect video, images, and graphics

The last step is to collect video, images, and graphics. After you gather all these raw materials, it’s time to arrange it. Choose a video editor that makes high-quality animation and graphics. 

  1. Add music

Music is one of the best sources to convey emotions and give energy to the narration. Adding and editing music is easy. Make sure you have the right resources to do that.

  1. Publish and Share

Last but not least. After you have completed the above steps, now it’s time to create and share it. Decide where you have to host the video. YouTube is a popular site to host videos. It makes your video discoverable online. It means it is displayed on search results when someone enters the keywords related to your niche. 

Today, you can find a plethora of software to create explainer videos. Make sure to understand every aspect before creating one for your business. Undoubtedly, explainer videos are key to growing your customer base. While your branding and logo are the first impressions of your business, an explainer video is where you get to tell mission of your business, along with products or services you are going to sell. Although you could do the same thing while writing a marketing copy, explainer video does so in more streamlines, shareable, and engaging fashion. If you need help with creating the perfect Explainer Video, or just finding the right voice, call us at (888) 212-2140 and speak to one of our Voiceover Project Specialists. The call is free and you can listen to custom auditions with your script from professional voice actors at no charge.