How to Make Your Radio Ad Sound Natural

How to Make Your Radio Ad Sound Natural

How a Professional Voiceover Actor Can Keep Your Commercial Cool and Conversational


We’ve all heard the cheesy ads cheaply put together by the local car dealership. While these kinds of commercials can be good for a laugh, they don’t give potential customers a good impression of the quality of a business. Like a professional web designer or photographer, professional voice-over helps the high quality of your products or services shine through to your audience. 

An important key to a natural-sounding radio ad is the creation of relatable, trustworthy characters. These characters don’t have to be super elaborate. You don’t need their entire tragic backstory, you just need the basics. Who is this person and who are they speaking to? Even an announcer needs motivation to announce the thing they are announcing. Why do they want you to go to this big sale? What’s so special about it?

A professional voice actor knows how to bring feeling, motivation, and life to your script. They know how to pull a character out of your words. When a character is speaking to an audience for a reason, your radio ad will start to feel natural, relatable, and real.