How to Pick the Perfect Audiobook Narrator

How to Pick the Perfect Audiobook Narrator

How to Pick the Perfect Audiobook NarratorWhether you’re a publisher or author looking to create an audiobook, one question that might be coming to your mind is what about the audiobook market. Is it viable or practicable? Is it too saturated? Or is there still any room to be successful as a publisher or author?

When it comes to experiencing success in the audiobook industry, there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration, and some of them are as follows:

  • The genre of the audiobook you’re planning to publish
  • The strategy you make to market your audiobook in the market
  • The type of voice actor you pick for the audiobook narrator job and more

These three factors play a crucial role in making or breaking the success of your audiobook.

Is the AudioBook Market Still Viable?

If we take a look at thriving audiobook producers in the market, Audible is one of the reputed names in the list. They have a portfolio of more than 325,000 audio titles available to buy. Depending on these numbers, it is clear that the audiobook market is not just flourishing at the present moment, but will continue to experience growth in the future as well.

Overall, as an audiobook producer or publisher, you cannot deny the fact that the audiobook market is still feasible or valuable. It is also because of the evolving technologies, such as smart speakers (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc.) are making audiobooks more easily accessible.


The Strategy to Publish Audiobook in the Market

The critical element to publishing audiobooks that become popular among the target audience is – determining what is trending in the audiobook industry and ensuring you record a high-quality sounding audiobook. Here are tips that you need to consider before publishing your audiobook:

  1. Search for Trending Titles and Genres

Browse different audiobook websites to search for titles that are trending among users. Identify what category do these books belong to and consider going with only popular titles and genres. But remember publishing your audiobook in the most demanding genre doesn’t necessarily mean that it will offer you instant success.

  1. Recruit a Professional Voiceover Agent to Narrate Your Audiobook

Though you can narrate your book by yourself (if you’re an author), it would be better if you hire a professional for this job. An expert voice actor has the skills to represent your words in the book appealingly and entertainingly among the audience. Also, the overall content of your book requires to be captivating, and the narrator you pick plays a significant role in this.


Points You Must Consider to Choose the Right Audiobook Narrator

To publish your audiobook successfully in the market, one thing you need to ensure is that the narrator you’re recruiting can depict your story correctly. Make sure he/she has the potential to express the emotions and intentions of the original author behind creating that story.

For this, you need to listen to more and more audiobooks to understand what skills and qualities a successful narrator possesses. Here are some points you need to consider to select an ideal audiobook narrator:

  • Know The Experience

To select the right voice actor, you need to identify how much experience he/she has as an audiobook narrator. An experienced narrator has the expertise to narrate lengthy projects while keeping the same quality throughout. You can check the profile of a voiceover agent to check his previous work or audiobooks demos as a narrator. It will help you in deciding whether or not he/she is a perfect fit for your project.

  • Pay Attention to Culture, Accents, or Dialects

If any of your characters in the story have dialects or accents, then you need to make certain that your voice actor can present that accurately. Also, if your story has characters from different cultures, note down those characters and then search for those particular vocal qualities.

  • Must Be a Captivating Storyteller 

To be an audiobook narrator, the voice agent has the potential to grab the attention of the audience for long periods. The voice actor you recruit must be a superb storyteller. That means he should be able to portray the message and intent of the author while giving a strong performance that can bring the characters of the story to real-life for listeners.


If you’re looking for all these qualities in your vocal actor, you need to contact Here, you can find a suitable voiceover actor for your audiobook project in no time. All you need to do is – post your project requirements, listen to expert auditions, and select a relevant voice agent depending on the need of your project.

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