How to Pick the Perfect Foreign Accent

How to Pick the Perfect Foreign Accent

When it comes to advertising your business across the globe, the most common barrier is – language. And mastering an accent is the biggest challenge of learning a foreign language.

How to Pick the Perfect Foreign AccentLearning a non-native language with the proper accent is not a cakewalk – it requires lots of time, effort, and practice. Fortunately, the best savior is – hiring a voice actor. An authentically-sounding native speaker can help you in advertising your project globally effectively.

If you’re searching for a voice actor who can assist you in distributing your project on a global scale, then many questions that come into mind. Some of them are as follows:

  • How to pick the right voiceover actor?
  • How to find an authentic-sound voice that can resonate with the target audience?
  • How to ensure that the voice you’re choosing has an authentic accent that you need?

Finding answers to these questions is not easy – especially for non-native speakers. Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you in choosing the perfect foreign accent voice actor.

In this post, you will find some crucial tips that you must consider while hiring a voice actor for your project. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Choose Languages or Accents You Need

If you’re looking for a voiceover actor, then you probably have a specific project in your mind that needs to be accomplished. You may also have decided the region where your end product will be launched and distributed.

At this point, picking the right language or accent based on your target region and audience is the first step you need to take to hire the right voice actor. Make sure the voice you’re finalizing is regionally specific.

You can explore different choices for voice overs available on the market, along with filtering voiceover actors by languages or accents. It is also essential to note down the most in-demand languages – as it will give a great sense of languages and related accents that you could determine and target.

The most demanding non-English languages throughout the world include Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, and others.

Check out Italian Language Voice Actor Joe Passaro and Spanish Voice Actor Adriana Colon for authentic foreign language voiceovers.

2. Do Your Proper Homework on Authentic Foreign Accents

Once you identify the language and accent you want to hire for your project, the next step is to look through different voice talent profiles. Through these profiles, you can determine exactly where each voice actor belongs to and what they have done. While most voice actors work from professional grade home studios, knowing their current location and where they grew up can be a great way to make sure that you’re hiring the right voice actor with an authentic-sounding accent.

If a voice actor belongs to the region of the accented voice you’re searching for, that means he is a good fit for your project, else you need to dig a little deeper. You can also check their previous work to ensure that you’re making an appropriate choice.

Check out British Accent Voice Actor Bruce Duncan and British Accent Voice Actor Bev Standing for great examples of foreign accents.

3. Ask for Voiceover Talent Recommendations

Word of mouth is another essential tip to hiring a perfect voiceover actor. You can ask your business partners or clients if they have worked with global voice actors before, and about their experience with them. If they had a great experience working with a voice actor in the past, then they will definitely be interested in sharing their experiences and provide you recommendations on who would be right for your project.

Besides, you can also rely on your family or friends who may be familiar with the regional language you are looking for. If you want, you can recruit a test group to listen to your auditions, the test group should speak the language your target audience knows, with the proper accent. It is an ideal option to avoid falling into the trap of stereotypes and assure you’re offering your audience with the authentic representation of their local voice.

Final Thoughts

When you’re marketing on a global scale, it is essential to use a voice that can authentically represent the target audience and speak to them in their native language. These are some of the critical tips that you should keep in mind while choosing voice actors.

Undoubtedly, you need to make lots of effort to hire an accented voice actor who can resonate with your target audience and get your brand message across. Besides, the best deal is to contact an agency that can help you in finding an experienced voiceover actor.

If you’re looking for a professional voiceover actor, visit today. You need to follow the three simple steps to choose the right voice actor for your project, and these steps are as follows:

  1. Post your voiceover project
  2. Listen to auditions of Voice Actors, depending on your needs
  3. Choose the right Voice Actor


Simply browse our website and pick a professional voice actor for your project who can help you in getting your brand message among your target audience successfully.