How to Pick the Perfect Voice Actor for your Political Ad

How to Pick the Perfect Voice Actor for your Political Ad

How to Pick the Perfect Voice Actor for your Political AdThe political season is a time for delivering strong, engaging, and informative messages among people. Finding the voice that can help you get your party message across is a vital necessity. The right voice over talent can help you get your political ads into the limelight. Therefore, you need to ensure that the sound you’re picking for the next big election is impressive, trustworthy, genuine, and appropriate to the subject matter.

With so many aspects you need to look at, choosing the right voice actor for your political ad is an intimidating job. If you’re also looking out for the perfect voice over for your political ad campaign, you’ve already landed the right place.

In this post, you will come to know some useful tips that can help you find the right voice over actor for your political ads. Let’s take a closer look:


What Exactly is Voice Over Talent?


Voice over talent are the actors that specialize in voice-overs for varying mediums. Voice overs can be commercials, animated videos, documentaries, and ad campaigns. They can be used for narration in a movie or show, and also makeup audio, such as radio commercials. Basically, when you don’t see an actor, it is known as a voice-over.

Overall, the voice-over actor you hire for your political ads can have a significant impact on the tone or feel of the message you want to deliver among voters. Choosing a voice that can captivate your listeners is the best idea to cut through crowds. It allows you to make yourself not just heard, but also be impactful. In short, the perfect voice-over can help you make your political ad count. Top Picks for Political Voice Overs


Steve Lawson – An Approachable and confident voice for a highly effective political ad.


Tips to Select the Right Voice Actor for your Political Ad


The effects of political advertising include letting the people know about the positions of candidates, affecting the participatory ethos and preferences of the electorate, and more. As per studies, voting results are affected by the characteristics of voters. And also by the ad type to which they are exposed.

As mentioned, choosing the perfect voice over for your political ads is not an easy job. But, by following the tips mentioned below, you can make your task a little easier.


Determine Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is the first step you need to take into consideration to pick a suitable voice for your political ads. Who is this ad meant to reach? Do you want to persuade new voters to support you during the polls for your cause or candidate? For these purposes, you need a persuasive voice. And if you’re planning to send a reminder to your supporters to vote for you? Then you must pick a sound that is determined and reassuring.

Besides, keep in mind – the audience type you’re talking about. For example, are you talking to people all across the country or from your own city? Or are you speaking to millennials or baby boomers? All these factors play a unique role in finding an appropriate voice for your election ads.


Focus on The Tone

Picking the right tone is exceptionally critical when it comes to political campaign advertising. If the voice over you select comes off as pushy, overly-sentimental, or arrogant, then it can end you with turning off a big part of the audience, including those who are with you.

Think about your ultimate objective – how do you want your audience to feel? And then start looking out for a voice actor. For instance, if you want your audience at ease with your candidate r cause, then consider hiring a down-to-earth sound. Or, if you want people to feel determined in voting for your candidate, then prefer to select a genuine, calm voice.


Consider the Experience

The total experience a voice-over actor has in political advertising is something you cannot afford to ignore. Knowing the experience of a voice artist in political campaign advertising must be your final step. An expert voice-over actor is someone who is well trained and has worked on his voice and mannerisms. Also, he must have some experience in political ads – you can ask him/her to show his/her past work. A professional voice-over actor is capable enough to take your words and use the right tone to deliver your political message among your audience effectively.



These are a few, practical tips to choose the perfect voice artist for your political ad. If you’re also looking for an engaging sound and tone for your political advertising campaign, do follow the above tips.

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