How to Reach Your Audience with a Soothing Voice

How to Reach Your Audience with a Soothing Voice

The essentials of relaxing voice over, from ASMR to advertising

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) relaxation videos have become a major trend on audio and video platforms like YouTube and Spotify. They are so widespread that ASMR techniques were even used in Michelob Ultra’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial. That’s some serious mainstream exposure!

Maybe you’ve decided you want your next marketing campaign to feature a soothing voice over and some relaxing sounds and music. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you cast your soothing voice.

  1. Level of Relaxation
    How relaxed do you want your audience to be? Are you making an ad for a tea company that is supposed to convey how the tea helps you relax? Are you putting together a full-on relaxation video to help those who suffer from insomnia?  Keep in mind that if you are creating a radio ad, many people will hear it while driving- which isn’t a great time for them to get too relaxed. When selecting for your soothing voice, it might be a good idea to bring in someone who experiences ASMR, as well as someone who does not, to see what the effects of the voice are on different types of people.

  2. The Right Technique
    ASMR videos might look easy. It’s just whispering into mics and tapping on stuff, right? Wrong. “ASMRtists”, as well as people who create guided meditations and relaxation videos, put time and money into crafting their scripts or storylines, investing in the right equipment, and figuring out which techniques relax their viewers and listeners the most. Before you go into your project, watch a few relaxing videos. What works for you? What does not? When you go to cast your soothing voice, either ask for someone who has experience in the type of video you’re going for, or provide some reference videos and audio for the talent to study.

  3. Goal of Project
    Just like with any creative project, you need to think about the goal of your final product. Is this a relaxation video for the sole purpose of relaxing your audience? Do you want your customers to associate a certain product, service, or location with relaxation? If you are advertising a high-energy, first-person shooter game, a relaxing video with a soothing voice might give your customers the wrong idea (unless, of course, you’re going for irony). On the other hand, an ASMR-style video might be the perfect way to introduce people to your spa on the front page of your website.

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