How Voice-Overs Can Help Your E-Learning Students Learn More

How Voice-Overs Can Help Your E-Learning Students Learn More

3 Types of Voiceovers that can improve your E-Learning modules

Did you ever take a class with a teacher who had a really boring voice? Then you know how hard it is to stay awake in class, even with the pressure of teachers and other students watching you. The temptation to doze off, or distract your brain with social media is even stronger when it comes to E-Learning. Don’t let the curriculum itself be part of the problem. Replace dull, monotone reads with engaging voice-overs to get your students excited about learning again!

Here are 3 types of engaging, professional voice-overs that can help your students learn better.

  1. Conversational Voice-Overs
    One aspect of traditional learning that people miss in E-Learning is engagement with the teachers and other students. To keep students invested online, consider using conversational, upbeat voice-overs for your video and audio content. While they can’t replace human interaction, it can help to keep the student invested in the content of your classes.

  2. Storytelling Voice-Overs
    Especially in classes that cover any kind of history, it is important to get your students invested in the greater narrative. To aid them in this discovery, use voice-overs by actors who have a good storytelling rhythm. Professional voice actors who have experience in narrating audiobooks will have a good feel for this style of storytelling voice-overs.

  3. Instructional Voice-Overs
    If your E-Learning modules give practical instructions on how to complete a task, make sure to use voiceovers that are calm, clear, and informative. Go back to some of the videos and audio that helped you in the past. Maybe someone giving instructions on how to fix your car, or use a piece of software. Pay attention to the way they used their voices to make their message easier and more interesting to listen to, and search for voice actors who have the same qualities.


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