How Voiceover Talent Can Make Your eLearning Modules Stand Out

How Voiceover Talent Can Make Your eLearning Modules Stand Out

The Value of Professional Voiceover in an eLearning Environment


Not everyone had a great experience with school, but most of us had at least one teacher who truly helped us learn. Can you think of who that teacher was to you? Can you think of what they taught you? Can you still hear those words they said in their voice?

Voice is important when it comes to learning. Whether you’re a 5th grader learning long division in a classroom or a business student learning about corporate strategy from an eLearning module, how something is said matters almost as much as what is said.

If you want your eLearning modules to be something that your audience not only learns from, but also enjoys and remembers, make sure you find a professional voiceover Talent. Professional voiceover Talent know how language works. They know how to build emotion, tension, and interest in a script. Many voiceover Talent specialize in eLearning, which means they know what to emphasize, what to clarify, and how to endure the long hours of reading in the studio.

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We recommend Maria Pendolino,  Natasha Marchewka and Jen Gosnell for the perfect eLearning voice!

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