How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Voiceovers

How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Voiceovers

How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Voiceovers

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What can your business gain by having on-demand voiceover talent in its corner?

Voiceovers are the subtle yet powerful secret weapon leading brands use to engage with their target audience, build brand authority, and create happy lifelong customers.

Before we dive into the six ways your business can benefit from using voiceovers, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page with the process.

What are Voiceovers? How are they Used?

A voiceover is any narration viewers or listeners hear without seeing an actor. You’ll hear voiceovers in commercials and documentaries or while listening to an audiobook or customer service phone tree.

These voices captivate listeners and viewers so they pay attention and hear what your brand has to say. Voiceovers can also provide direction, leading people to your product or idea.

Voiceover talent refers to the actors who specialize in various types of voiceover work. Some actors have perfected their friendly tones for commercial voiceovers while others excel in calm, clear speaking for in-app voice assistants.

You’ll want to match each voiceover professional with the best type of voiceover for their expertise and your business needs.

The 5 Types of Voiceovers

Generally speaking, there are 5 categories of professional voiceover services:

1. Commercial Voiceover – This includes radio and podcast ads, television and OTT commercials, and online videos. These often center around a spokesperson or character advertising a product or service to consumers or businesses.

2. Narration Voiceover covers technical videos, documentaries, online tutorials, explainer videos, and business training material. In these projects, the voiceover talent tells a story to the audience or walks through specific steps, often with the aid of animation or filmed footage.

3. IVR / Voice Prompts / Telephony – This refers to any voice-based system, including digital assistants (like Siri, Alexa, and GPS systems), in-app voice interfaces, PA systems (like at the airport), and phone trees (think: on-hold messaging). It’s a highly technical form of voiceover services.

4. Animation and Gaming – Professional voice talent brings characters and stories to life through powerful acting skills. These can range from short online video animation to full-length films and blockbusters.

5. Promos, Affiliates, and Trailers – These short commercials advertise upcoming television shows, movies, and special broadcast events.

Now that we have all those voiceover services explained, let’s talk about how your business can start using them.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Voiceovers: 6 Ways to Make an Impact

Voiceovers can help your business in six unique ways. Take advantage of one or a few different methods, and you can:

1. Reinforce Your Brand’s Identity via Sonic Branding

If you don’t know what sonic branding is, you’re probably not using it. And that’s a huge mistake and missed opportunity.

Sonic branding is like an audio logo for your brand. It relates to your target audience and tells consumers what you stand for as a company.

Ever notice that home improvement stores use a rugged, casual, American male voice for their commercials? This hard-working attitude connects with DIYers and leaves a lasting impression of trust.

On the other hand, luxury automakers often choose a formal, British accent for their ads to convey a sense of elevated luxury.

In both cases, the tone, delivery, and cadence of the audio establish a meaningful and human connection between these brands and their audience. And it wouldn’t work to swap one for the other because this branding is so well-established in the minds of consumers.

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See why sonic branding is so essential for your business’s identity? Now ask yourself what your brand sounds like.

Is it high-quality sophistication or fun and family-friendly?

All your voiceovers should sound as if they’re coming from the same voice, and that voice should be intrinsically tied to your brand. It should make your target audience feel comfortable and familiar. And it should tell them you understand what they’re looking for/need and can deliver.

You can also use this voice to connect your corporate narration to your audience’s emotions. When you need to communicate with a large group of people at once (consumers, employees, shareholders, etc.), a voiceover professional in corporate narration will bring life and gravitas to your information.

These perks will all strengthen and reinforce your brand image and relatability, along with this next benefit.

2. Connect, Engage, and Influence Your Target Audience

Consumers better connect with brand voices that sound like their own. So using a voice that matches your target customer’s age, gender, and voice type will boost engagement and lead to more conversions.

However, in our complete guide to using accents in advertising, we shared research showing that some consumers actually prefer voices with accents different from their own [*]. So while a British accent may give your ads an international edge in the US market, it may miss the mark in Latin America.

You’ll need to use data from your target audience to learn what they like to hear. You may then want to create multiple ads with different voiceovers to capture and resonate with each demographic.

Speaking of this, many businesses fail to take advantage of advertising with a Spanish accent. With over 580 million Spanish-speakers worldwide, voiceovers like this may finally connect you to and build trust with customers looking for your products and services.

Just keep in mind that using Spanish voiceovers without coming off as insensitive or offensive requires professional Spanish speakers. You’ll want to work with a Spanish copywriter and Spanish-speaking voice talent.

And if you really want to establish consistent sonic branding, you may even consider hiring bilingual talent for both your English and Spanish voiceovers.

3. Earn Better ROI for Your Advertising/Marketing Spend

Voiceovers give a great first impression in SMB advertising. They can help your brand create high-quality local commercials on TV and better radio ads that get customers through your proverbial doors. But most importantly, they can finally help your brand break into podcast ads.

Podcasts are becoming one of the best platforms for consumers to learn about brands and get information about new products/services. Listeners pay more attention to podcast advertising because they sound more like endorsements. And research shows consumers actually prefer them over other types of digital marketing [*].

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According to recent stats and data [*][*][*]:

  • There are over 1,500,000 podcasts and 105.6 million podcast listeners in 2020.
  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income of over $75K.
  • Podcast ad spending is expected to grow 45% in 2021 to reach $1.13 billion in the U.S., surpassing the $1 billion mark for the first time.

If your brand doesn’t execute podcast ads that convert well, you’ll be missing out on this huge market of potential customers.

But a talented voiceover actor will help your brand create compelling audio ads that cut through the noise and stand out — for a fraction of the cost of other digital marketing. Listeners will be more likely to purchase products/services from podcast ads, especially when the voiceover is captivating and high-converting.

To learn more, check out this quick guide on podcast advertising 101 next!

4. Level Up Your App’s VUI and VUX

What are VUI and VUX?

VUI stands for Voice User Interface, and it refers to the voice used in your app. Your app’s Voice User Experience (VUX) is how users perceive your VUI in relation to your app’s performance. An engaging VUI often leads to a positive VUX; a poor VUI will almost always lead to a poor user experience.

So considering that your users will hear this voice multiple times every day as they interact with your app, you must put extra thought into creating a memorable, engaging experience.

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Giving your app a recognizable voice that aligns with your sonic branding will help users feel more comfortable and likely to interact with your app. The more users become familiar with this voice and personality, the more they’ll get attached to it, just like a real person. They’ll forever link this voice with your brand and use your app more as a result.

So, does your app have a good VUI/VUX?

Hiring the right freelance voice specialist can boost VUI/VUX by making your audience feel connected and helping your brand stand out. These professionals are also comfortable around a script and taking direction, making a developer’s job much easier.

5. Create Killer Explainer Videos To Boost Conversions

Explainer videos are short online videos used to explain a company’s product or service. These give consumers a better idea of what they can expect from the solutions you’re offering. This powerful strategy helps boost engagement, turns leads into customers, and increases revenue.

Research shows viewing one minute of an explainer video is equivalent to reading 1.8 million written words [*]. That may be why some brands boast conversion rates of up to 144% when they add explainer videos to their homepage and landing pages.

To create engaging explainer videos, your voiceover must be brand-appropriate, easy to understand, and able to develop a relationship with your audience immediately. It will set the mood and add a human touch to make it feel like you’re speaking to customers directly. Conversions should roll in soon after.

6. Improve Your Customer Support Experience

No one enjoys calling customer support, but brands can at least make the experience more pleasurable with engaging custom voiceovers.

Unlike annoying, repetitive music or jarring announcements, a voiceover specialist knows how to keep callers on the line and establish a meaningful and human connection. Answering machines, IVR trees, and hold messages sound more like a conversation as a result.

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Using this type of sonic branding for your on-hold messaging helps bridge the gap between your callers and your customer support team. As a reflection of your brand identity, it should welcome, connect, and put customers in a happy place ASAP.

Professional voiceover talent knows how to replicate your brand’s ideal tone, delivery, and cadence to make this happen.

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Now that you know the six ways your business can benefit from using voiceovers, it’s time to start brainstorming what you’d like your sonic branding to sound like. Then, you’ll want to cast the perfect voiceover talent to deliver.

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