Is your Political Media Ready For Election Season?

Is your Political Media Ready For Election Season?

Putting the finishing touches on a high-quality, professional campaign video


This is the time in the election cycle when the rubber meets the road for political media makers. If you’re working in that world right now, you’re almost certainly bogged down with work -editing videos, finalizing scripts, touching-up video, finding the right music. When you’re making that final checklist though, don’t forget to find the right Talent to do your political voiceover. 

A political voiceover specialist can be the difference between a great political spot and one that is annoying and off-putting. The average person is far more affected by the sound of an advertisement then they are aware of. A voice that is too emotional or too flat can at best cause listeners to tune out your media and at worst, to distrust it. 

When you hire a political voiceover specialist, you are not only getting a voice, but also a creative partner with experience and training in their craft. A professional voiceover Talent has put in the time and effort to practice and learn. The result is an ability to understand the emotional and intellectual cores of a script and communicate those things through the subtleties of their read. 

Whether or not a listener agrees with the stance your political media makes, you still need to make a good impression with political voiceover that is trustworthy, relatable, and compelling. However, it doesn’t have to become a whole separate project to find a political voiceover specialist. Post your project on to start getting high-quality auditions from professionals in the political voiceover field like Dave Young & Michael Kerns.