Keeping Callers on the Line with Engaging Custom Voice Overs

Keeping Callers on the Line with Engaging Custom Voice Overs

What Custom Voice Overs Can Do For Your Phone System


Even in the modern world with all its high-speed, on-demand technology, there are still some times that you just have to sit on-hold. You know how it is. The repetitive music. The jarring interruptions by robotic sounding announcements. 

There’s no reason that time spent on the phone waiting for customer support or trying to refill a prescription should be miserable though. If you’re working on an answering machine, IVR tree, or hold messages, you can make your customers’ experience more pleasant with custom, engaging voiceovers. 

How can you get these engaging voice overs for your phone messaging? By hiring a freelance voiceover specialist. A high-quality, freelance voiceover specialist knows how to take a phone announcement and make it sound like a conversation. They can read a list of names and numbers in a quick, clear, and professional manner. Most importantly, they can stand in the gap for you, making a connection to your customers when you can’t. 

If you’re ready to give your phone messaging a boost with custom voiceover, visit to start getting auditions from friendly, engaging, and professional voiceover Talent.