Looking for a Voiceover? 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Listening to a Demo

Looking for a Voiceover? 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Listening to a Demo

How to Know if a Talent’s Demo Truly Represents Their finished Project


One of the most important tools for a voiceover Talent marketing to Buyers is a voiceover demo. For this reason, Talent always want to put their best foot forward in a demo. How can you, as a Buyer, tell if that Talent really has the acting chops for the project you are working on? Often, a  demo is produced in such a way that it over-represents what a voiceover talent can do. When that talent auditions for a project, it quickly becomes clear that he or she isn’t yet up to the task.

Here are 3 ways to tell if the demo you are listening to will correspond with a great finished product from the Talent:

  1. Production Quality

In the Voiceover Industry, it is standard for a demo to come fully produced. That means the clips should sound like they came from a real project. They should be edited, have sparkling clean sound quality, and feature some suitable background music and sound effects.  

  1. Acting Quality

Production quality is not enough to cover up for sub-par acting. Does the Talent you are listening to sound confident? Does the way they read their lines match up with the tone of the script? Are their characters believable?

  1. Past Experience

You will want to check up on some other elements of the Talent’s online presence while you listen to their demo. Do they have experience in voiceover? A good Talent website, or VOICEOVERS.com profile should feature a list of previous clients. The list may not be comprehensive, but it should show the highlights of a Talent’s career. Have they done the type of project you are casting before? If you are listening to someone who specializes in commercials, this does not mean they will be experts at eLearning or Medical Narration.

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