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I changed my email on Profile, but now I'm not able to login. Why is that?

Any changes to your main email will reflect as your login email as well. Be sure to keep note of any changes you make to the “Email” field in the Contact Information section of your Profile.

What is and where do I go to view my Public Profile?

Your Public Profile is your Profile as it would appear publically, mainly to Buyers. It can be accessed by going to “Profile,” selecting the “Profile” tab, and selecting “View Public Profile” at the bottom of the page.

Is there a specific file format required for our profile image?

Yes, the standard .png, .jpeg or .gif formats. We also suggest using image sizes of around 250 x 250 pixels.

What is the difference between Display Name and Full Name?

Display Name is publicly viewable and Full Name is private for accounting, record keeping, and Union purposes.

Will our outside links be visible if we're not Gold Members?

Outside links will be visible for GOLD Members only. They have paid a premium for this option.

I thought this was a Non-Union site, why are you asking for my Union Affiliation?

Buyers choose to post Non-Union or Union projects, we have made it easy for Union members to convert qualifying Non-Union projects after the Talent has booked.

Is my selection of Union Affiliation made public on

No, entering Union Affiliation data allows you to convert Non-Union projects. If no information is entered, you will not be presented the information for qualifying projects.

How do I select Non-Union if I'm not Union Affiliated?

Non-Union is not an affiliation and as of now, Union status is not publicly viewable. By default, all projects postings start as Non-Union.

What should I put in the Highlight section?

Sell yourself! You have 280 characters to pitch Buyers on hiring you for their next project. Tell them how you can help their brand and what it’s like to work with you.

Why isn't my Highlight section letting me add any more text?

There is a 280 character limit.

Why can we not format our Highlight section the way we want on our profiles?

We optimize your profile pages for “On Page SEO” – different formatting affects optimization. It’s best to keep your answers short and to-the-point so that you don’t feel the need for visual formatting. If we give you control of how to format your profile, we sacrifice the optimization of SEO. The core of our Buyer acquisition is based on SEO [Search Engine Optimization].

What should I put in the Credentials section?

Put any special training or certifications you have, don’t put any clients here.

How do I upload a Highlight Demo?

In your profile under Demos, select “Add a Demo.” In the pop-up box, make sure the “Highlight Reel” checkbox is selected indicating you would like this demo to show as your Highlight Demo.

How do I change my Highlight Demo?

To change your Highlight Demo, you must first delete your current Highlight Demo. After deleting, you are then able to add your preferred Highlight Demo using the “Highlight Reel” checkbox.

Are you suggesting that the Highlight Demo be shorter than 1 minute?

No, not shorter than one minute necessarily – we suggest your Highlight demo be similar in length to your Commercial demo; 1 to 1 1/2 minutes in length maximum.

Why isn't my Highlight Demo labelled on my Profile?

It’s not labelled because it is right under your name. This is meant to be the Buyer’s first impression of you. If they like what they hear, they’re more likely to listen to your other demos or hire you.

How should I name my Demos?

We recommend using the Category Name or an adjective and a Category Name. They never appear on the same interface, so it is okay to be redundant. A good example is “Conversational Commercial” instead of just “Commercial.”

Why are not all the demo categories we know and use every day, choices on the pull-downs on our profiles?

We are missing a couple categories that will be added. You can always use the OTHER category if the category you are looking for is not listed.

I have a combination Animation/Games demo and your labeling is restrictive. Why?

Buyers want to see just one word describing demos wherever possible – if a buyer is searching for video games, that’s all they will see, because that’s all they want. Buyers don’t know to search Animation/Games for example. You are welcome to upload that demo and tag each upload how you need, but remember, the less demos the more successful your searching and inviting will be.

Will video demo reels be allowed?

Yes, this functionality is coming soon!

What do I do if I have a question or need help?

The best way to contact us for help as a Talent member is to use our online chat system or email:, which leaves the phones more free for Buyers who need assistance with their projects. We are here to assist Monday through Saturday from 7am to 7pm PT.

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