Navigating the Wild World of Web Voiceover Casting

Navigating the Wild World of Web Voiceover Casting

How the Voiceover Industry can successfully transfer to the On-demand Century


The voiceover industry is moving too fast these days to get stuck with questions of, “How much?” We expect to KNOW the “deal” even before we start. This expectation is only fed by our ever-deeper rooting into what very well ends up being called the “On-demand Century”. 

Whether ride-share, take-out delivery, small repair projects, or even dating, we want to know what we’re getting and what it will cost. And we want to get to this through a simple query. We want to ask one question and get a single, simple answer to a potentially complicated underlying problem.

This is the next step in the voiceover industry- on demand voiceover. If we want to keep rates fair and voiceover Talent professional and employed, we need to stay up-to-date on what is happening on the internet. 

An informed marketplace is an efficient marketplace. D-CypherVO is a new, automated calculator which addresses all of today’s non-union rate hot-buttons. This rate/term wizard fuels a voiceover job with the RIGHT professional voice, compensated based on exposure; a transaction grounded in fairness to all parties. Efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness are sustainable and scalable principles which can fuel the ongoing health of a vibrant voiceover market. That SOUNDS good.