Reach Your Target Audience Easily with Podcast Advertising

Reach Your Target Audience Easily with Podcast Advertising

Reach Your Target Audience Easily with Podcast AdvertisingAccording to Statista, the number of people who listen to podcasts has more than doubled over the last 10 years in the US – with no indication of slowing down. And it would be best if you spend your time only in places where your audience resides. The reports show that brands are expected to spend around $500 million on podcast advertising by 2020.

Undoubtedly, podcasts are increasingly becoming one of the most popular platforms for customers to get information. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for marketers to identify where to use their advertising budget to grab the attention of potential clients.

Luckily, there are some effective methods to engage podcast listeners and receive a worthwhile return on your podcast marketing investment.

In this post, you will find how to plan your strategy for podcast advertising to reach your target audience effectively.

But before diving into the details, consider taking a closer look at some of the podcast advertising basics to help you give it a better start. So let’s get started.


What is Podcast Advertising?

Podcast advertising is when you promote your business on a podcast. In most cases, a podcast host endorses your company with a live 30-60 second audio ad in their show (during the starting or middle period). The audio ads contain info about your service or product and any personal experience the host has with your service or product. Podcast advertising is seeing some of the highest Return Over Investment (ROI) in the online advertising market and is proliferating. We recommend listening to Top Voice Actor Jack Hicks Commercial demos for some great examples.


Top Reasons Why You Should Select Podcast Advertising

  • The podcast space is growing at a rapid pace. A big thanks to new technologies like faster streaming speeds, smartphones, Bluetooth-enabled automobiles, and more.
  • Listeners pay more attention to podcast advertising. Listen to Top Voice Actor Michael Kerns for a great example of a high-converting and captivating voice over.
  • Podcast ads are endorsements.
  • Listeners are more likely to purchase products from podcast ads.
  • Research by ComScore shows that people prefer ads in podcasts over other mediums.


Know More about Podcast Ad Styles and Formats

If you’re thinking about investing in podcast advertising, you need to understand that it is different from radio advertising – even though both platforms are audio-based. For example, podcast ads do not include announcer-style voices, booming, and highly-produced messaging that you usually hear on your preferred FM radio station.


What are the Types of Podcast Ad Insertions?

Ads can be included in a podcast show at different points, and some of them are as follows:

  • Pre-Roll Ad Insertion: In this, ads display at the beginning of the show. For instance, the show is brought to you by the sponsor – (sponsor name + short pitch).
  • Mid-Roll Ad Insertion: As the name suggests, there’s a break in the middle of the show in which the host introduces advertisements or advertisements start. For example, “ Hi everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the show. I would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors for making this wonderful content possible – (sponsor name + short pitch).”
  • Post-Roll Ad Insertion: In this, ads appear at the end of the podcast show, e.g., “Support for (show) is brought to you by (sponsor name + short pitch).”


How to Purchase Podcast Advertising?

When it comes to podcast advertising, you have multiple options to explore. You can select and contact the podcast show that you feel would be an excellent fit for your ads. For example, NPR (National Public Media) has its own page devoted to sponsorship information.

Otherwise, you can work with a business that can help you in contacting appropriate podcasts.


Give a Try to Podcast Advertising

With a significant rise in the popularity of voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, many businesses have realized the potential or value of audio ads in podcasts and beyond. Being a business owner, if you’re still not using podcast ads, you are missing out on a big brand opportunity. You must leverage it for your business success.

If you want to view some examples of podcast advertising, click here. Then listen to Millennial Commercial Voice Actor Maria Pendolino‘s demos. 


Contact VOICEOVERS to Make Your Podcast Advertising More Effective

As mentioned above, podcast advertising is rising quickly as a great form of inspiration, educational, and entertainment content. As the demand for audio ads evolving with a high rate, it is becoming more and more essential to create compelling audio ads that can cut through the noise and stand out.

For this, you need to hire expert voice agents who can help you in making your podcast ads more engaging with their appealing and professional voice. If you’re looking to hire a talented voiceover actor who can make your podcast advertising project successful, then you must contact

Listen to the voices of different voice agents and select the one you find appropriate for your project.

Hopefully, this post will help you in getting started with podcast advertising successfully. What do you think about podcast advertising? Do you have any experience with podcast advertising? Please let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.