Should Your Business Be Using Spanish Voiceovers?

Should Your Business Be Using Spanish Voiceovers?

How to Successfully Market Your Business to a Spanish-Speaking Audience

Many businesses are losing out on an incredibly rich and diverse potential audience. How can your business avoid this mistake? Invest in Spanish voiceovers! With a little forethought and effort, your business could reach a wide variety of Spanish-speaking customers who are looking for products and services like the ones you offer.

But, how do you go about advertising to a Spanish-speaking audience without coming off as insensitive, confusing, or offensive? Here are a few tips to make your Spanish advertising organic, entertaining, and authentic.

  1. Original Scripts, Not Just Translations

It might be easier to send your English script to a translator, or (even worse), to pop it into a translation app, but your lack of effort will show in the final project. If you are not a Spanish-speaker, or not very fluent in Spanish, work with a Spanish copywriter to craft an ad that embodies the values of your business, while utilizing cultural and linguistic nuances to their fullest.

  1. Spanish Voiceovers

Once you have an original, Spanish script, it’s time to hire some talented, Spanish-speaking professionals for the voiceovers. There is a wide range of voice Talent whose careers are centered around Spanish voiceovers. Want a consistent sound throughout your marketing campaign? Consider hiring bilingual Talent for both your English and Spanish voiceovers.

Are you ready to start marketing your products and services to a Spanish-speaking audience? Browse the incredibly talented Spanish-speaking and bilingual Talent on for your Spanish voiceovers today!