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Why should I choose to belong to VOICEOVERS.com versus other online casting sites?

VOICEOVERS.com is efficient, transparent and fair.

VOICEOVERS.com is intelligent technology and is the one-stop, curated, easy to use and highly efficient tool that simplifies and automates the Buyer process of finding the right voice from the smallest job to the casting needs of a Hollywood Producer. The professional Talent members of the VOICEOVERS.com community are hand-vetted through a submission process. The platform is easy, fast and comprehensive. The RIGHT Buyer choices help to pinpoint the RIGHT voices to bring any piece of their copy to life. From casting to project and payment management, this is the digital-era simplification we all expect in today’s world.

The unique philosophical difference at VOICEOVERS.com is rooted in empowering voiceover Talent to build fruitful careers. A site that supercharges careers is THE resource Buyers are seeking – the entire process and in-turn, business, is elevated.

How do I sign up and what is required to be accepted as a Talent member?

Just click APPLY NOW on the home page and you will be guided through a process requiring you to have a one-minute professionally produced demo, a website URL, and a custom .mp3 audition following a provided script. You will be notified of our acceptance decision within 3-5 business days via email. Our membership is limited and VOICEOVERS.com works with only professional quality voices as our Buyers have specifically requested.

What do I do if I am not accepted as a Talent Member?

If you are not accepted as a member, you are welcome to submit your material again in six months. The credit card information you gave us will not be charged unless you are accepted.

We are unable to provide further information on why your application was not accepted, nor are we able to give you notes on how to improve your audition, website, or demo. Our team works quickly, and does not keep notes. We are not able to give specific feedback or provide career advice. We recommend taking your audition and demo to a professional voice coach if you would like to find ways in which you can improve.

Is VOICEOVERS.com a "P2P"?

Calling us a P2P is like calling Apple a computer company, or saying an iPhone is just a phone. While they make computers, and iPhones can make calls, they are much more than that. While we have a project board, we do SO much more. We are a VO Career Management platform. This includes a suite of tools that typically cost businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Besides having a sophisticated project board and buyer acquisition strategy, we are a project management system (for outside projects), a CRM, a payment processing and escrow system (for your private projects if you choose) and marketing partner (we do SEO and ads on your behalf). Our marketing team helps builds the Talents personal brands, not just the VOICEOVERS.com brand.

What is the maximum amount of Talent you will allow to sign up for the site?

There are 60 GOLD Members and 1,000 Talent total on the platform for the April 1st Buyer launch – we will grow in numbers as the Buyers and their needs grow.

Why are not all the demo categories we know and use every day, choices on the pull-downs on our profiles?

We are missing a couple categories that will be added. You can always use the OTHER category if the category you are looking for is not listed.

I have a combination Animation/Games demo and your labeling is restrictive. Why?

Buyers want to see just one word describing demos wherever possible – if a buyer is searching for video games, that’s all they will see, because that’s all they want. Buyers don’t know to search Animation/Games for example. You are welcome to upload that demo and tag each upload how you need, but remember, the less demos the more successful your searching and inviting will be.

Will video demo reels be allowed?

Yes, this functionality is coming soon!

Will we see how many people have already auditioned for a job we have been invited to?

Yes, the number of auditions requested, as well as how many auditions have been submitted will be displayed. 

At what point will Buyers be asked if they have a union project?

It’s one of the first questions asked via DCypherVO – any union-only project is transferred to Voice Casting Hub for the Agents to service.

Time zones - how do they work on the site?

We will be adding a timezone feature that will enable you to choose your own timezone and have all times on the site convert to your listed timezone. The default is Pacific.

Can you explain how the algorithm works for selecting Talent who qualify for the projects?

There is very little algorithm needed on the Talent side. You will be selected if your listed voice type matches voice descriptions provided by the Buyer. 

Will notes be allowed to Buyers when submitting an audition?

No notes when submitting will be allowed. If a client wants to connect, they will. They specifically asked for this to be the way we function.

What happens when a Buyer needs pick-ups on a project, six months later? Does the Buyer set it up as a new job? What if they want to chat with me directly for the pick-ups?

The Buyer would set up a new project and contact you directly.

How are rates calculated?

Rates are calculated using D-CypherVO – a revolutionary, question-based wizard we designed that will allow the voiceover Buyer to answer a simple set of queries to get an even simpler answer of “how much” it will cost for their voiceover job. For Buyer and Talent, the result is consistency, clear expectations, transparency and ultimately a clean efficiency of transaction.

D-CypherVO is intelligent technology based off of VO industry fair rates and does the (hard) thinking for the Buyer. At the root of this is a philosophy of empowerment of the voiceover Actor and efficiency and effectiveness for the professional Talent and Buyer alike. This empowerment leads to an elevation of the business at all levels.

Does D-CypherVO base rates on any industry rate cards?

It is closely based on several industry rate cards. D-Cypher is the algorithm that powers the buyers project posting experience.

Does D-CypherVO work for SAG-AFTRA projects too?

It can, but not yet. We are trying to work with SAG and willing to share the algorithm with them to help Union buyers decipher rates. It was designed to simplify the process for buyers, the backend data can utilize the SAG rate guide.

Is D-CypherVO fine-grained enough to make large market/small market distinctions?

Yes, it utilizes several factors besides just asking the metro area market, including IP address location and business registration location. Is it perfect, no, not yet. But we are tweaking the weighting and factors involved to fine tune it. Our goal is to provide value and make it easier for buyers by eliminating ballpark quotes like “$1,000-$10,000”.  D-Cypher will present Buyers with a “no haggle price” based on info collected from the project wizard.

Are Buyers barred from asking for in-perpetuity?

In some cases, a few exceptions that are already industry standard. Later this year we are releasing “Voice Lease” as a non-union answer to residuals. This allows the Buyer to easily renew rights to the voice and Talent get paid the renewal fees. We expect this Summer of 2020.

Does VOICEOVERS.com use the reverse bidding process on Projects?

No. There is no reverse bidding. D-Cypher tells the buyer the rate, buyer agrees and Talent see that rate, no bidding. Plain, simple and transparent.

Is VOICEOVERS.com my Agent?

No. We are a casting platform – versus a Talent agency – and provide opportunities our Buyers bring to us and not considered Agents who negotiate on behalf of Talent.

Can I convert my work to union?

If your project qualifies to be processed through the union, you certainly can convert it using our easy process, yes.

How do I get a message to Buyers directly?

Once a Buyer reaches out, you will be connected via our internal messaging system so that you can converse about the project they are interested in hiring you for. Buyers have specifically asked that the connection be made when they are ready and to be able to instigate the conversation from their end.

Are we able to contact the Buyer outside the system?

Yes, if the Buyer (and Talent) agrees and it is initiated by the Buyer. Talent are not to solicit the Buyer. We have an internal, live chat system (we do not filter the messages) that both sides can use. Either side may choose to use that for safety reasons or they may take conversations off the platform as we understand that is needed from time to time. While we discourage it, it is not prohibited, therefore we are not injecting ourselves in the conversations.

Do we own the relationship with the Buyer after a Project?

Buyers choose how to proceed. If they want to continue to work directly with you and not create open project posts, we offer a significant discount in fees to the Talent. These “Private Projects” provide safety for the Buyer with the escrow system and automatic payment to the Talent upon completion. Ultimately it is a decision made by the Buyer, we are not so foolish as to believe that no long-term, direct hire relationships will come from our site. We are here to help build the personal brands of the Talent and that is part of it. If you get a direct hire client from a project on our site or a Buyer contacts you from hearing your demos, that’s what we are here for. Talent, knowing this understand our fee structure accounts for a marketing budget that enables us to constantly attract new Buyers.

English is not my first language or I have a accent, do you have Projects for me?

Our current market focus in North America. While the large majority of our projects are English, we have a lot of requests for accents and several foreign languages. Currently the two most in-demand accents are Spanish and British and the fastest growing segment is Spanish language.

Our roadmap includes expansion into those markets in the near future. If you are considering applying, it would be a good idea to do so now. If we do not have the project volume for your specific voice type now, we will put you on a waiting list. As we expand, you will be first on the list to be considered and accepted. Our vetting process is more than just making sure you are a professional, it is making sure we can give you a return on the investment of your membership. Trust that we will not take your money if we cannot send you projects.

How did you get Agents to endorse the site? I thought Agents didn't like online casting sites.

We have a sister site https://voicecastinghub.com that is the industry standard for Producer to Agency casting. From the start, we worked closely with Agents and union reps to make sure we could build a successful hybrid platform that would be beneficial for the entire industry.

In 2 years “online casting” will just be “casting”, we have taken a proactive approach to attract and educate new voice buyers.

We also made the unheard of decision of giving away Casting Calls on Voice Casting Hub. For approximately 15 years Producers and Casting Directors had been paying $175-$299 to use similar services. The benefits for the Agent were obvious, by eliminating the posting fee, more Producers and Casting Directors would come aboard, which would lead to a significant increase in project volume.

What do I do if I have a question or need help?

The best way to contact us for help as a Talent member is to use our online chat system or email: support@voiceovers.com, which leaves the phones more free for Buyers who need assistance with their projects. We are here to assist Monday through Saturday from 7am to 7pm PT.

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