The Most Important Factor in Casting Your Project

The Most Important Factor in Casting Your Project

How to cast a voiceover Talent your audience will trust


When you come to to cast a project, you will see an amazing array of professional, experienced voiceover Talent. So, how are you supposed to decide who you should pick for your project?

Probably the most important part of casting a project is finding someone your audience can trust. Young adults will have trouble trusting someone who sounds stuffy, stuck-up, or fake; while older people may have trouble believing in a spokesperson who sounds too casual or non-professional.

Make sure you know who will be watching or listening to your project before you go listening to every voice that’s out there. The voiceover Talent you cast will have a direct impact on the success of your project, so they need to be someone who will appeal to your audience. It can be helpful to give the voiceover Talent an idea of your audience in your project description too, so that they know who they are speaking to, and can tailor their read accordingly.