Tips for Casting Kid Voiceovers for Your Animation

Tips for Casting Kid Voiceovers for Your Animation

Voiceover projects for the young and the young at heart


While the field of animation is ever expanding, a large part of the market for cartoons is still kids. If you’re making a cartoon, kids will be watching, chances are you’ll want at least one character who is a peer of your audience- another kid that the children watching can relate to. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you go to cast the kid’s voiceover for your animation piece.


If the cartoon voice over you are looking for is a child, that doesn’t necessarily mean that only children will audition.

Some teens and adults have youthful voices, and some can do caricatures of children. Sometimes, adult women can do the voices of young boys. Nancy Cartwright has been doing the voice of Bart Simpson on The Simpsons for 30 seasons.

Decide what you want. Are you ok listening to caricatures, or auditions from youthful sounding adults, or do you only want actual children? Make this very clear when you post your projects, so that you are sure to get the auditions you want.