To Sell or Not to Sell – Commercial Voice Over

To Sell or Not to Sell – Commercial Voice Over

Whether it is for promotion or entertainment, voice-overs for commercials continue to grow and thrive. When it comes to commercial voice over, it takes your time, effort, and money to think beyond the traditional mediums of television and radio. The evolving popularity of commercials on social media and other digital streaming services offers lots of choices for commercial work.


Purpose of Voice Overs in Commercials

To Sell or Not to Sell - Commercial Voice OverThe question is – what is the role of voice-overs in commercials? The voice you hear is a critical factor of an ad as it conveys the message and tone of a business and delivers information about a service or product. Based on the target market and demographics, the voice may sound like a skilled person.

A professional voice actor is explicitly hired to reach the target audience. This promotion may include voice acting or narration, depending on the commercial type. These voice-over commercials may be broadcast on television, on the radio, podcasts, over varying online channels, using smartphone applications, and other media.

Besides, commercial voice over jobs are appropriate to nearly any industry. However, they are highly popular among brands related to areas, including entertainment, retail, and hospitality.

When hiring a voice actor for a commercial voice over job, there are many elements you must take into consideration to make sure the end item will generate your intended effect. Also, you need to ensure that the script you’re crafting can support the abilities of your voice actor and hit on all of your major points. If you have any questions on script writing, consider talking to the expert team of to make your job a little easier.


Top Considerations for Casting The Right Commercial Voice Over Talent

  • Demographics of Your Target Audience

This point affects how you classify “the perfect commercial voice over actor.” The voice you pick may vary highly based on the type of industry and your commercial. Most marketers choose an age group, gender, and accent depending on the specific offering of your commercial and who it can appeal to. Check out top Voice Actor Dana Hurley’s ‘Versatile Commercial 6-sec spots” demo.

  • Vocal Qualities of a Voice Actor

You must select a voice that meets all the requirements of your project and sounds like your potential customers. The primary reason for this is that people prefer to collect info from a sound they find familiar. Therefore, make sure the voice type, age, and gender of your voice actor match the needs of your end-users.

One another important element that you cannot afford to ignore is – the accent of the voice artist. In short, consider selecting a local accent according to the target region.

While hiring a commercial voice over, it is suggested to take your time to make the right decision. Make sure to listen to different voice demos to decide what type of sound suits your commercial the best.

Explore some of our fantastic voice-over talents here, listen to their voices, and pick the best sound for your commercial project. Check out top Voice Actor Elliott Lowe for the perfect deep, powerful voice as heard on Draft Kings, NRG Home Solar and other commercials.


Commercial Style That Can Influence Voice Overs

Another element that can help you identify the voice style is – the selling approach in a commercial script. There are usually two significant selling types in commercial advertising, including Soft Sell and Hard Sell, that you can take.

  1. Soft Sell

In general, soft sell is defined as impressive and friendly. If you want to convey this tone through your commercials, you may look for a voice-over that is not too pushy and familiar to the target region. In many cases, the art of the soft sell is also knowns as infusing humor into your commercial script. Humor can help you in grabbing the attention of your target audience with being too straight in your sales pitch.

  1. Hard Sell

Though not fully pushy, the hard sell approach is assertive and aggressive. It involves a sense of urgency and is linked to limited-time offers. You may find an attention-grabbing voice more powerful and effective, and hard sell does the same.

Hard sells are designed to get customers to buy a service or product right away. They are basically products a customer wants or desires – not something that is daily needed.

Because high end or luxury products are more challenging to sell, the hard sell approach is more relevant.


Hire Potential Voice-Over Artists for Your Commercials

If you’re looking for skilled voice actors for your commercials, you don’t have to search as is there to assist you. Simply discuss your project needs with us and let our experienced voice-over actors help you in reaching more and more people through your commercials. Check out top Voice Actor Lauren McCullough‘s Commercial demo for the perfect “Voice next door” to tell your story.

Note: If you are going for the soft sell, then you must focus on a voice that is more friendly and pleasant. Or if the hard sell is more your style, then a more aggressive sound will do the trick for you.

Contact us today and have fun with the creation of your commercials.