Top 2 Ways to Make Sure Your Ad Campaign is Cringe-Free

Top 2 Ways to Make Sure Your Ad Campaign is Cringe-Free

The Importance of High-Quality, Cringe Free voiceovers


Have you ever listened to a radio ad and cringed so hard that it reached down into your very soul? The script may have been fine, but the voiceover was SO bad you could barely hear the words. The worst part is, someone somewhere along the line must have approved the final product. Here are a few tips for making sure your next project features cringe-free voiceovers.

  1. Make sure the Talent is someone your target audience trusts:

One of the worst offences when it comes to cringe-worthy voiceover is a voiceover Talent who doesn’t understand their audience. An older Talent trying to sound cool reading teenage slang really isn’t cool. Make sure the voiceover Talent you hire can speak to the audience for your project.

  1. Make sure the Talent understands the tone of the script:

Tone is incredibly important when it comes to making people comfortable in an ad. If your script is supposed to be funny, the Talent needs to have a good feel for the sense of humor and the timing. If your script is serious, your Talent needs to be able to express the gravity of the words without being melodramatic.

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