What if there was a professional, high quality, classy California actor ready and willing to partner with you in making your voiceover project or promo sound absolutely fantastic? I’m going to let you in on a little secret: there is one. His name is Ben Sullivan.


An actor since 1995 and a voiceover Talent since 2000, Ben has put a lot of time and thought into his craft and continues to bring his nearly 20 years of voiceover experience into each project that he works on. His training as an actor enables him to fully immerse himself in any project and any role. Rather than simply reading a script, Ben does his best to holistically experience it.

In a recent audition, Ben played a character that was chasing the antagonist throughout the city. To get into the headspace of the character, Ben jogged and even sprinted in place in his studio until he was out of breath. The resulting voiceover read sounded genuinely adrenaline packed and intense! Needless to say, he got the part- as “The Man” in the Love, Death, and Robots episode titled “The Witness”.

Genuine experience is important to Ben Sullivan as much in his free time as in his voiceover career. He and his fiance live in an equestrian community in the hills of Southern California with a menagerie consisting of 3 cats, 4 dogs, 2 horses, and hope to start their own animal shelter.

Whether it be intense, comedic, or luxurious, Ben Sullivan loves inviting listeners to experience the copy that he reads and the way he does that is by first experiencing the copy himself. With an open mind and a kind outlook, Ben Sullivan would love to partner with you and introduce you to whoever is listening.

Interested in hiring Ben Sullivan for your next voiceover project? Check out his profile with the link below!