When you’re creating an audio based project, the one place you can’t cut corners is audio quality. You’re producing sound that represents you, so you want to give your audience the best listening experience possible. When you’re looking for a clean, pristine, and classic voiceover delivered as top-quality, professional audio, you need the voiceover services of Brad Ziffer. 


Brad’s main obsession, both when it comes to his voiceover performance in the booth and the finished product he delivers – is quality. A collector and lover of analog recording equipment, Brad has the best tech to use on every project he records. Based on what the Buyer is looking for, he makes adjustments to his setup in order to deliver a perfect custom sound that exceeds expectations. As the voice of several national broadcast campaigns for both TV and radio, he brings the same level of professionalism and expertise to every project. 

Brad Ziffer has as many different tools in his voice acting repertoire as in his recording studio. He loves giving a wide range of performances- from millennial guy-next-door, to gruff and authoritative, to professional and crisp – for a wide range of genres, including video game characters, to radio commercials, to explainers, eLearning and narration.

Your project deserves the highest quality voiceover from a flexible, professional voiceover Talent. Whether you have a clear vision for the voiceover you need, or are looking for a Talent who can creatively contribute to your script with their voice, Brad Ziffer looks forward to helping you. Be prepared to be blown away by the finished product. 

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