It’s 2019. We’ve heard it all. Commercial voiceovers done by business owners trying to cut corners by recording their own ads (we can all tell), over-the-top sales pitches, subdued, edgy voiceover… What the radio needs now is a return to its roots with the energy and attitude of rock and roll! Good thing that energy and attitude are encapsulated in the sound of voiceover Talent Brandon Scheiber.


A lifelong bass guitar player with more than 10 years of experience as a rock-jock on broadcast radio, Brandon is a perfect choice for radio voiceover projects, such as radio imaging, and high energy promos. For the last five years, he has been a full-time, professional voiceover Talent, working in fields from commercials to Anime ADR.

Brandon loves getting to know his clients and sharing a joke or two with his recording crew. He recalls one time in a voiceover recording session, how the studio engineer kept making him reread a particular line. The crew reassured him that his read was fine, they were just picking up some weird noises from the recording booth. Finally, Brandon and the crew figured out that the noise was Brandon’s stomach! He’d forgotten to eat before recording and it was messing with his read. Brandon stepped out of the studio for a moment, grabbed a snack, and breezed through the rest of the session. He had a good laugh about it with the crew afterwards and warns other voiceover Talent against recording on an empty stomach.

With his rock-and-roll energy and his wry sense of humor, Brandon sets himself apart as a voiceover expert, especially in the fields of radio imaging and promos. If you’re ready to take your project up to 11 or show your audience how much of a good time your product, show, or station really is, Brandon is ready to help you… As long as he’s had a snack first.

Interested in hiring Brandon Scheiber for your next voiceover project? Check out his profile here! http://voiceovers.com/actor/brandon-scheiber