A voiceover Talent in the lush, forested Seattle area, Dana Hurley has an optimistic view of life and genuinely enjoys exploring and understanding her surroundings. Her natural curiosity leads her to seek out knowledge wherever she can find it – whether that be through traveling the world and interacting with people or relaxing and enjoying a good book or podcast in her Pacific Northwest backyard.


Her work in the biotech sector has given Dana Hurley the stamina and know-how needed to pull off a spotless medical narration. She has impressed many a client through her positive, inquisitive outlook. She catches on to the emotion and rhythm of a script quickly and easily adapts to the direction of all kinds of content creators. 

Dana’s interest in the people and world around her shine through in her voiceover performances. As a traveller, she has the curiosity and open-mindedness to try new things for more experimental and artistic scripts. And she is perfect as a conversational girl-next-door for commercials as someone who enjoys having fun and spending time with friends and family.

Whether your project is formal and precise or laid back and casual, Dana Hurley is a true voiceover professional who can tailor her attitude and read to the tone you are looking for.

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