Most of us have a favorite cartoon or video game character from our childhood- or adulthood (who says you have to stop having fun when you grow up!). But how often do we think about the voice behind that character? For every Mario, or Daffy Duck, or Bugs Bunny, there is a real life person in a recording studio bringing that character to life with nothing but their voice. Dana Negrey is one of those voiceover magicians, creating a cast of characters so diverse, you’d never even know they were all played by the same guy. 


It takes a lot of practice and energy to build a character through voiceover – much less several characters talking to each other! Dana Negrey doesn’t mind the work or talking to himself in a studio. He feels rewarded by seeing voiceover clients absolutely thrilled to hear their characters sounding just like they imagined them. 

Dana tells a story about being in a recording booth with a producer and clients working on a car commercial. Much to the chagrin of the producer, the clients had changed their mind on what vocal type they wanted without warning. As the producer was about to call it quits for the day, and start casting all over again at square one, Dana swooped in with a totally different character voice that fit the bill perfectly. The clients were thrilled and the producer was relieved. 

An experienced male voiceover Talent with a wide and well practiced variety of character voices under his belt, Dana is always up for a challenge and enjoys being presented with a character type he has never tried before. Whether you’re working on a commercial with down-to-earth characters, an animation with bizarre fantasy characters, or anything in between – Dana Negrey is ready to become that memorable voice in the minds and hearts of your audience. 

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