It’s hard to strike a balance between authority and authenticity. Especially in the world of voiceover where there is no body language and facial expression to rely on and when it’s a challenge to make technical expertise sound natural. That is what makes Jack Hicks’ voiceover so incredible.


Jack Hicks is an incredible choice for authoritative, technical reads for eLearning, corporate or medical narration, explainers, and commercials. While he isn’t an expert in everything he reads about, he is an expert in sounding like an expert. 

Jack is a hard worker who doesn’t mind putting in the time necessary to learn words and terms to make sure finished products are accurate and spotless. Recently, he worked with a director on an intensive medical narration script that required him to learn new terms for nearly every line. His work was rewarded by an absolutely thrilled client and a great sounding medical narration. 

Sometimes, half the job of a complex narration or commercial is sounding the part. As a musician, Jack has a good feeling for how a script should flow. He understands the rhythm of the words and brings a natural speaking cadence to the script. As an actor, he has the ability to translate his own confidence and expertise in other areas into his voiceover. For example, in a recent mechanical explainer video, he brought the ease and passion with which he talks about working on his guitar into the instructional script for auto mechanics. 

If you need voiceover for a complex, concept-heavy project, whether it be an explainer video, an ad, or a documentary, Jack Hicks is the perfect choice. He will seamlessly incorporate his natural, trustworthy demeanor into your script, creating an experience that your audience will remember.