There’s a certain air of mystery surrounding a cool, smooth, deep voice like Kyle Chapple’s that draws the listener in and makes them curious about the words they are listening to. Kyle specializes in using his voice to represent things that people are used to hearing about everyday – sports, technology, food – and draw in the ever-elusive attention of audiences from the internet, to television, to the radio. 


Working in the voiceover industry since 2004, Kyle Chapple has had his share of experience as an announcer and the voice of a product, but he’s also great at playing characters. The duality of his voice, which ranges from hip and edgy to smooth and serene, makes him perfect for the role of a smart aleck teen,  a trusted, reassuring college professor, or even an insidious villain. 

If Kyle’s position as a 100% pure cool voiceover artist needed any defending, he has the credits to back it up, having provided voiceover for recent hit movies like Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Kyle is an ideal voiceover Talent not only for hip commercials, but also popular games, animation, and ADR for movies. Give Kyle’s versatile demos a listen if your project needs someone who can boost the cool factor into the upper atmosphere!

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