Laura Schreiber’s voiceover journey has been a long and sometimes tiring one, but you might not know that from her voiceovers. She brings “The Sound of Happy” to every project she works on, whether it be a 15-second social media spot or a longer eLearning module. With a naturally upbeat and conversational voiceover read, she performs luxury scripts with a relatable edge.


Laura is no stranger to hard work. She began looking into a career in voiceover industries during her time as a student at Columbia. At the time, the internet hadn’t hit the world of commercial voiceovers yet, so auditions required expensive, specialized equipment or in-person recording. Neither of these were easy to fit into the budget and time constraints of a college student, so Laura had to put her voiceover aspirations on hold.

She didn’t let the dream die, though. After school at a party, she met a voiceover Talent specializing in audiobook narration and her interest in voiceover was rekindled. It was the perfect option for Laura as a mother who wanted to work and also stay close to her kids. Voiceover may have kept her close to home, but it definitely wasn’t easy work. She pursued intensive voiceover training with experts from across several voiceover specialities such as J.Michael Collins, Anne Ganguzza, and Nancy Wolfson.

Now, 20 years after that initial spark of interest, Laura Schreiber is living the dream- having been a full-time voiceover Talent since 2015. Her youthful enthusiasm hasn’t faded a bit; and her energetic, millennial reads have established her as one of the premiere female voiceover artists in cosmetic, home improvement, social media, and luxury commercial voiceovers.

Laura feels deeply honored when she is able to forge ongoing relationships with clients. Close to 70% of the work she does on a daily basis is with satisfied customers who turn to her for more exceptional, professional voiceovers. Head over to Laura’s public profile to listen to her demo, and consider her for your next cosmetic, luxury, or high-end project. You’ll get exactly the sound you’re listening for, in a professional and timely manner, and you might just make a new friend!

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