A creative career seemed almost inevitable for Michelle Sundholm. From a young age, she was performing constantly, whether it be getting up and singing for an audience, performing in plays, or simply putting on a talent show at home for the family. Unlike many though, she didn’t let growing up dampen her imagination. Her lifetime love of words and practice in bringing them to life has manifested in an incredible career as a voiceover Talent that continues to bring joy and inspiration to both her and a wide variety of clients and listeners.


While Michelle’s creativity may have started out as childhood make-believe, it has managed to seep its way into every aspect of her life. Her voiceover reads are character-driven and relatable. She thrives in roles as diverse as the voice of data security, tough space generals, quirky next-door-neighbors, and sports-loving tomboys.

Michelle is inspired to find beauty in even the most mundane situations by spending time out in nature whether it be taking a walk or run, tossing a baseball, or relaxing with her family for an afternoon. Creativity is definitely a family affair in the Sundholm household. Michelle’s two sons: Everett and Ashton, take after their mother with their own successful voiceover careers. Her husband is a record producer who helps Michelle with recordings and with making the final product shine.

If you’re looking for a voiceover Talent who has an ear for artistry and an honest voice with a relatable edge, click over and listen to Michelle’s demos. She’s ready to apply her imagination to make your next project a work of art.

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