Today’s consumers are sophisticated. They want the truth and they don’t want to be sold. Whether it’s an online commercial or an in-house training video, your media requires honesty. As a voice of a relatable authority, Natasha Marchewka has the sound of a trusted friend – a friend in the know.


With a tone that exudes warmth and familiarity, Natasha’s authentic and trustworthy voiceover delivery breaks through the monotonous stereotypes of the dated announcer or lifeless corporate narrator.

 Natasha’s ability to communicate casually and yet intimately translates to conversational voiceovers. With an intuitive depth and sensitivity towards others, being an inspiring, reassuring presence in her personal circles is a benefit to her as a professional.

 A voiceover talent since 2006, Natasha Marchewka has an outstanding work ethic. She works to make sure her clients receive the voiceover delivery they want, in the time they need, and always on brand.

 She has the unique ability to find the heart of a script and share that heart with your audience in a personal and believable way. Her voice is comfortable and familiar, like recalling a friendly conversation over coffee with a friend who is informed, sensible, and wise.

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