Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Sometimes the best way to make a point is subtly and thoughtfully with a calm and even demeanor. So many people are bombarded with flashy, overly emotional media and advertising every day, that an even-keeled, understated piece can be incredibly impactful. 


A voiceover Talent since his early 20s, Steve Lawson has had time to develop a reliable, calming in-studio presence, and a similar warm, relatable quality to his voice. Steve has the kind of voice that is ready to give a reassuring speech or crack a cheesy dad joke at any moment. 

Steve sees the potential of voiceover to be an incredible creative tool. He relishes the chance to craft his performance to suit the creative vision of each client he works with. Many of his favorite projects have been subtly beautiful with the voiceover interweaving with visual content to create a holistic experience. 

Experienced in not only voiceover, but also audio recording and producing and directing media for broadcast and social – Steve Lawson is an incredible resource for all kinds of projects. He is reliable and self-sufficient but also knows how to take direction well. 

If you’re looking for a calm, contemplative voice to bring life and humanity to your project, check out Steve Lawson’s profile. You’ll hear the warmth and comfort radiating from his voice. 

Interested in hiring Steve Lawson for your next voiceover project? Check out his profile here!