An unexpected voice. An unexpected story. Kabir Singh is not your traditional “voiceover” type. Growing up in a trailer park in a low income neighborhood, Kabir’s artistic spirit grew even under conditions that threatened to deaden it. As a kid, he wrote poetry everyday as a way to overcome loneliness. Over time, his poetry took on a philosophical edge as he strove to understand the world around him.

Kabir found himself working an unsatisfying job in corporate America. His ultimate goal was to get out of the business world, and into a place where he could focus on making his voice heard through poetry and philosophy. One day, while researching ways he could make money doing voiceover work, Kabir found the book, The Art of Voice Acting by voiceover expert James Alburger. The book gave him direction in his pursuit of voiceover work, and a way out of the corporate life that was weighing down his soul.

With no prior acting experience, Kabir sought out voiceover training. After a year and a half, he booked his first voiceover job. It wasn’t very big- a low-paying $100 spot, but it was enough to give him hope. If he could book a job, he could make a career out of voiceovers.

A true voiceover artist, Kabir is often called upon for his poetic cadence, and spoken-word style. His deep, mature voice has the comfort and security of an older brother- a role which he plays off the mic too, by teaching poetry, philosophy, and voiceover to kids in low income neighborhoods like the one he grew up in.

If you want to inspire your audience, and get them to think and feel deeply about your project, you need to listen to Kabir Singh. He is a voiceover Talent who truly pours his soul into his art.

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