What is ASMR, and How Can You Use it to Reach Your Customers?

What is ASMR, and How Can You Use it to Reach Your Customers?

How to give your audience full relaxation while still getting your message across


Maybe you’ve decided you want your next marketing campaign to feature a soothing voiceover and some relaxing sounds and music. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has become a popular genre of relaxing Youtube videos due to the pleasant, tingling sensation it gives to many viewers. ASMR often features soothing sounds such as tapping, crinkling, whispering, and relaxing visuals such as slow hand motions.

ASMR videos might look easy, it’s just whispering into mics and tapping on stuff, right? Wrong. “ASMRtists”, as well as people who create guided meditations and relaxation videos put time and money into crafting their scripts or storylines, investing in the right equipment, and figuring out which techniques relax their viewers and listeners the most. Before you go into your project, watch a few relaxing videos. What works for you? What does not? When you go to cast your soothing voice, either ask for someone who has experience in the type of video you’re going for or provide some reference videos and audio for the talent to study.

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