What is VUI/VUX?

What is VUI/VUX?

How Users Interact With the Voice of an App


As a developer, you’re interested in the nitty gritty details of your app. You love the elements that make it up. The way it is different from any other app. The way it bends the technological norms to make something entirely new and innovative. As exciting as this is, app users aren’t nearly as interested in the details as app creators. At the end of the day, all an app user wants is an app that does what it says on the tin without much fuss. They want you to do all the hard work so that they can reap the rewards. 

One way you can make sure your app is intuitive, easy, and comfortable to use for your end users is by paying attention to the VUI – Voice User Interface. While what your app sounds like may seem superfluous from your end of the equation, it is something that will make a huge impact on your audience. The voice of your app will be intimately linked in the minds of users with your product. 

An app user may never recognize you and all the work you put into the final product that they use every day. But they will recognize that voice. The feelings the voice of your app gives them will affect their relationship to the app. Whether they find it pleasant and easy to use. Whether they enjoy the process and desire to continue using your app or whether they decide to delete it the next time they clean out the memory on their phones. 

In short, the VUI you build directly impacts the VUX – the voice user experience – your users have from day to day. You want them to interact with your app like a person. A familiar friend. If you think of some of the most well-known examples of voice user interfaces, you’ll notice that many of them have names, whether they be brand names or personal names. The best way to ensure that kind of VUI for your app is by hiring a freelance voiceover specialist. 

If you want your app voice to sound like a real person, you need a real person. Whether you have them read every word or not, you should have a real, trained, and relatable voice in your corner as you get started setting up the VUI of your app. Ready to find the voice of your app today? Post a sample script on VOICEOVERS.com to hear auditions from top professionals in the voiceover world, like Rachael West and J. Michael Collins.