What Makes Funny Voices Funny?

What Makes Funny Voices Funny?

Making sure the humor of your script translates to the final project

Some people can say anything and make it funny. If you’ve written a fast-paced, witty script, this is exactly the kind of person you want voicing it. If it’s your first time casting something funny, you might not know exactly what you are looking for. Here are a few tips on how to find funny voices for your next humor project:

  1. Play up Contrasts

People tend to laugh at contrast. If someone is talking about getting hit by a giant spray of water when a truck drives through a puddle, you expect them to be a bit riled up about it. If they’re treating it like it’s just a part of their everyday life, that’s funny. In the same way, humourous overreactions to minor inconveniences, like the cafe being out of your favorite flavor syrup can get you some pretty good laughs if played by the right funny voices.

  1. Focus on pacing.

Some jokes need to build slowly for their best effect. Some have to be told quickly, and off the cuff to give the audience the satisfaction of catching them. Read your script aloud to yourself. Where is the audience supposed to laugh? What do they need to laugh at and when? When you find the funny voices for your project, make sure they have a good handle on the pacing of your script.

  1. Find the Right Vocal Quirks

Oftentimes, what makes funny voices so funny are the things that make them unique. However, not just any quirky voice will work for your script. If you’re going for a grouchy, unreliable narrator, then an energetic, youthful voice probably won’t fit. If you want an overexcited young teen, then a monotone, bored sound will hinder the humor in your project. Be sure to write down some of the characteristics you’re going for, and communicate those in your casting call. That way, you’ll get your pick from the right kind of funny voices, and not have to wade through auditions that just don’t fit.

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